Use more BE and less HAVE.

Listen to your language.

How many times have you said, for some reasons : ” I have to be on time”, “I have to be the bread winner for my family”, “I have to buy that designer dress for my cousin’s weeding.” The truth is nobody forces you do do that you have chosen to be on time, chosen to be the bread winner, chosen to buy that dress.


Reactive language become self-fulfilling prophecy. Your feelings determine your actions because you have given them the right to do so. No one forces you into something unless you have given the right to do so.

“If only” means nothing to me anymore. What is the meaning of that IF ONLY?

“If only I had completed my degree”,

“If only I did not lost my loved one”,

“If only my kids were smart as I was”,

“If only I had a better job, I would have offered a big trip to my family”

If only, If only…


You are still alive, still have your brain, your hands, your voice, your feet, your health. You can achieve whatever you want in life if you stick to it long enough and invest in yourself. The one thing which you have total control over is Yourself.

Work on Being instead of Having.


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