And it has happened again.

It came early in that morning of January 2018. It is all because of Khelzz who thinks that my page need recognition. Thanks again for putting me in your list. I enjoy answering all the questions which have been asked. So let  get started:


1. What inspires you to write a blog?

People around me are my great inspiration.

2. Does your mood affects your writing?

I can say no because I usually write many different posts in advance for those lazy and moody days.
3. How often do you travel?

One a year, since I am still dependent.
4. What is photography to you?

For me photography is creating moments you can remember for the rest of your life.
5. What do you do when you feel down and troubled?

In those moment I like having fresh air, eat my favorite dishes and be with my loved ones.
6. When was the recent fulfilling moment in your life?

Last year in August.
7. How much do you love your family?

Well, I love them unconditionally but I am not going to kill for all of them.
8. Who is your greatest inspiration in life?

They are all on  the same level no one is above the others.
9. What hobby do you like most and why?

Do it yourself crafts. Because is so relaxing and funny trying to make things from nothing.
10. What does “true friendship” means to you?

A friendship with no material interests. A friendship that brings the best in you. A friendship that last forever. A friendship with unconditional love.
11. How do you handle different personality of people around you?

As everyone is unique so their personality too. I make sure that I know all the different personality of my closest friends and I act accordingly.

PS: Remember Selflovies, we do not need a new year for new beginnings, the only thing we need is a new MINDSET.

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