How strange is life?

Life is so strange right now. I am not used to write  a post when I am moody  but today I feel like I need to get it out of my head. I want to find out if I am the only one who find life so strange.

20171201_120540When I was younger, only elders were dying, I mean only grannies (grandmothers), great grandfathers and some strangers around the world you don’t know. I have reached a stage of my life were my uncles, my own friends are dying, my little sisters friends are dying, my friends’ babies are dying wahouu that was too much for me to take. Is it how strange life is? or it has always been like that it is just the fact that today I am fully conscious of that?

I have realized how easy it is to play the all day with your kid and tomorrow he is gone forever. How easy it is to postpone your weeding to 5 years and the next day your partner is gone forever. How easy it is to keep your distance for years from your family just because of a misunderstanding, tomorrow might never come. How easy it is to be a rebellious teenager and the next day there is no one to bear your whims. Life is strange. When we talk about losing people, it is not a genetic disease, it happen to everyone regardless your religion, your color, your height, your fortune.

Enjoy and be grateful for each and everyday you have. The opportunity you have today to make a difference you might not have it tomorrow. Don’t ever think that if you die with a great idea without sharing it the humanity will bee lost without you. Let me tell you that the same idea will be given to another person who will share it with the world.

20171216_103423Don’t keep that fancy dress for an occasion that might never come. Stop saving that money without any goals, take it go on holidays. Go out, great those neighbors, make peace with those people, start a new adventures, spend time with your loved ones, ask that person out, well he or she might say no but at least you have an answer and you can move on.

Life is too short to wait for tomorrow to start living it the way you want. On Sunday at church I heard that “we do not know WHAT tomorrow holds but the only thing we know is WHO holds tomorrow.” This is for all those who have lost someone special in their lives.


6 thoughts on “How strange is life?

  1. I agree.. But I also think that people were dying always.. but the reasons and ways have got changed. In past when there was not much medical assistance, people were dying more.. but I think we were more attached with societies and people. Now we are dying more because of technology. We are trying of diseases which were never there. We are dying because we want more and more.. we have less emotions and less attachment than in past. We are controlled by other factors. I agree with you… Let’s live at this moment.. why to wait for the moment, we are not sure about. Live in now

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  2. This hit me sooooo hard!!!! I have been questioned myself the exact same thing “are things changed ?” “Or am I now so conscious of life ?” I told myself that this is all because WE ARE GROWING UP! We now look at life with all his color , back, red, purple , blue while years ago we only knew like in pink!!!! I enjoyed reading this , it motivated me to go out there and do what makes me happy first!!!! Thank you for your time and everything you are doing to motivate people

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    1. Yes. Being an adult shows you that life is a beautiful thing and you are the only one who gives a meaning to it by the way you look at it.
      Thank you for reading and encouraging me always Rose💕

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