If you have never fail, you have never try something new.

Failure is a part of our everyday life. I have once read , “If you have never fail, you have never try something new.” Failing to do something or accomplish that project, is a sign that you are trying and that way of doing it is not working.  Many give up when they have failed once or twice because sometimes it is  hard to learn from failures and adjust. At the end of the article, I will try to give you some tips to accept and overcome failures.IMG_20171116_201925_082

A few months ago I heard about MCshop and its young founders Mike and Christian. The online platform was created because of the increased demand of their Congolese friends for  high quality products coming from aboard, especially from South Africa. With no experiences nor funds, the two friends saw an opportunity to fill the gap in online shopping arena in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


When you want something so badly act as if you have already received it. I was curious to know how personality can help people to have whatever they want. I have reached out to Mike and ask a bunch of questions to help me understand that better. Here is what I have found about the character, personality and values of the third year business management student, Mike Bondo, the co-founder of the platform.



MCshop sells international fashion while promoting local fashion in D.R. Congo. Like all startups, MCshop took time to be fully installed. “Falling fast helped me to know what does not work and adjust quickly” ,said Mike. Moving on from failure while remembering what did not work help you to find adequate solutions. The other challenge was that Congolese are not use to online shopping and the digital divide in the country is tremendous. A lot of people could have just given up, but how did he overcome all that?

Mike said: “hard work and perseverance associated with goals are the keys to overcome challenges. Goals create priorities, determine decisions, dedicated friends, partners and mentors also influence choices.” The young Congolese entrepreneur was not afraid nor discourage by failure, he kept on trying again and again while adjusting from his past failures. IMG-20170516-WA0004 (2)

Being himself all the way and in everything he does helped him use effectively his resources such as his potential, time and relationships. Remember my Selflovies: YOU ATTRACT WHAT YOU REFLECT. WHAT ARE YOU REFLECTING?

My last question  to him was which advice could he give to all those facing the same struggle as his. “Growth is not automatic , to grow you need strategy & structure  , the disease of this young generation is short term thinking , I would like to challenge you to dream big  I believe that it’s possible to be young and effective no matter the area , you need to stop being spectator at the game of life.”

Here are some tips to accept and overcome failures.

  • accept the situation: of course you have failed but it won’t last forever.
  • you are not alone: surround yourself with people who have  faced the same thing, they will assist you.
  • take a break: yes, clear your head from that project for a while and think differently.
  • anyone who want to do things of values in life always fail at first. In the success of others we only see the visible part of the iceberg.
  • Find inspiration and support from your people. Remember this article Who are your People?Who are your People?
  • improve your self-esteem: failures do not define you.

Till next time Selflovies ☺



9 thoughts on “If you have never fail, you have never try something new.

  1. Bonjour, je viens de parcourir cet article du jeune entrepreneur congolais qui a face aux challenges pour relever le défi. C’est une très bonne école sur l’échec, j’ose croire que nombreux comme moi apprendront de cette belle histoire. En somme j’ai plus aimé son attitude et sa personnalité face aux challenges, face à l’échec. Il a été persévérant et courageux jusqu’à ce qu’il a atteint son objectif. Bravo à lui et tous mes meilleurs souhaits pour la suite.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Just like Maya Angelou said “if at first you don’t succeed , try try again “ it is not always easy to try after a failure. I feel like determination is the key, cause even if you fail if you are determine to go for the thing you will still go for it ! Thanks a lot for sharing this Divine!

    Liked by 1 person

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