How do you train your mind to think “POSITIVE?”

I have previously talked about how your language is a powerful tool in your everyday life. Mind your language, Use more BE and less HAVE.  I only have one word for you LANGUAGE. Today, train your mind to think positively.

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There is a Bible verse that says: “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13. This is a really great verse from which I personally find my inspiration. I don’t know how your day will go wrong or be boring when you tell yourself that I can do everything! You attract what you reflect.

That small but yet powerful sentence in that Bible verse is positive. There is no negative energy or word which will pull you down. It is also in present tense. The verse is not in the past, you cannot blame yourself eternally for what you didn’t do last year. Motivate yourself, you are living in the present, it is now that you need to act, don’t wait for next year to regret what you are not doing today. Another aspect of the same verse is that it is visual. If you can do it today, yes you can do it tomorrow and the next day and yes you CAN do it every single day. I can do all things through him who strengthens me is also an emotional sentence. There is a sens of  anticipated happiness  where everything can only get better, your dreams will come true.

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That simple sentence means a lot to me. It does not have to be a Bible verse like in this case, but find yourself that one quote which will drive you everyday. Dreams without goals are only dreams.

Which step have you reached today? How many times are you motivating yourself? How many times do you wish you well?


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