However long the night might be.

Let your hope and not your hurts shape your future. At the end of last year, I came across a video testimony of Marie Ange Mumba , a young lady living in Kentucky USA. I wanted to find out more about her story and share it, as millions of women are experiencing the same things all over the world. Marie Ange told me that: “During my college career I’ve been sexually assaulted multiple times. It’s been the hardest thing dealing with this situation[…] I only talk about my story because I believe that victims of sexual assault should not keep it private. This is an issue that must be dealt with”.

Here is a link to her full video testimony: Marie Ange video testimony.

I read one day that you cannot expect to heal from something you have never reveal. This situation could push someone to give up on life and commit suicide. How did she overcome that terrible experience? She sincerely revealed to me that “with the help from God, I am able to move on past it and the help of my supportive family, friends and community. I seek professional counseling and I am able to make it through”.  Marie Ange took the first step and talked to her family friends and church about the things she had experienced.

How being yourself had changed the way you see the world now Marie Ange? She explained that although it was a negative event, there is a positive that came from it. She is much stronger and wiser. “This experience has brought me closer to God”. 

There are so many people who have lost hope because of tragic events which happened in their lives. She ended by saying: “I know it’s hard now but it’s going to get better. Don’t ever give up the fight”. 

Remember Selflovies: “However long the night might be, the dawn will break”.


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