It’s important, it’s urgent.

Things that are urgent are always things which are put in front of you and you have to do something about that. Like an e-mail notification popping up while working on your computer, may demand your immediate attention and end up not being important. Urgent things demand your instant actions.

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Things that are important are not always urgent. Like your relationship, your health or planning to buy a new house are important but not urgent. A single cough does not need you to go to the emergency. You  don’t have to blow your savings to buy  a house you saw while driving to work. It is important to have a house of your own but it doesn’t require your immediate attention without a proper planning.

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The things that are important are not always urgent and the things that are urgent are not always important. Draw a list and know the difference of what is urgent and important in your life.

Remember: it’s urgent, it’s important.

21 thoughts on “It’s important, it’s urgent.

    1. C’est important dans tout ce que tu fais de toujours être toi même😊. Tu es unique et irremolaçable. Rappele toi toujours BE YOURSELF Marie💐


  1. Most Important this in life is health and all other materialistic things are urgent but not that important if we think about with wisdom. This is according to me. Si je te demande divine de prendre un check et de mettre 1 pour la.santer et le reste de zero pour les trucs que tu aime dans la vie tu aura cest sur un check de plsr millions mais si on enleve juste le 1 de la santé le check sera nul. Its just my way to add something.

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  2. “The things that are important are not always urgent and the things that are urgent are not always important.”

    Thank you so much for pointing this out. I often get caught up with “reality” and think that everything is urgent even though it isn’t. It’s all about prioritising everything I guess. Life has became too fast paced lately 😢

    I enjoyed this blog post very much 😊

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