Award #4.

Whenever I get nominated I am always surprised as it is unexpected. There are so many bloggers out there and to have the privilege to be part  of your top 7 is just unbelievable.


A huge thank you to AGURL for the nomination for The Versatile Award. Her blog on relationship point is amazing and insightful, whenever you feel lost or just want to understand your relationship her blog is the way to go.

The rule of this award required me to write & things about myself. So let get started.

  1. I have a strong character, I know that because all my loved ones told me so and since I know myself pretty well, I have to agree with them.
  2. My ultimate aim is to see everyone being themselves and taking charge of their lives. That is one of my biggest motivation.
  3. My parents are my gods here on earth, I owe who I am to them and never miss an occasion to make them proud.
  4. I am not comfortable of sharing my private life, but just to know me better: my current relationship has helped me grow in a way I feel like I am dreaming. I think this is my blessing.
  5. I love handbags, like for real they are my weakness.
  6. I know a lot people and get along very easily but I have a very close circle of friends.
  7. The last thing you have to know about me is I don’t lose interest easily when I am up to something, i will only rest when I am done with it.

My nominees are:

Creature merveilleuse

Learn fun facts


Harotian essentials


K E Garland



The rules for this award are pretty simple:

1. Thank the person who nominated you

2. Share 7 things about you – one of the purposes of this award is to get to know one another better.

3. Nominate 7 bloggers who you’ve been following or have recently discovered who you believe deserve some recognition.

Another purpose of this award is to promote networking among bloggers

Thank you.

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