My blessing but sometimes a curse.

I am an emphatic listener. When I listen, I really do listen to you with all my heart, I make you feel as if you are talking to the one and only person who knows you from inside out. It is a blessing because there are people who come to me with a broken heart and after our long chat the difference is visible even months after. Sometimes I see it as a curse.


It becomes a curse when people start depending on you of every single decision of their lives. They forget to build stable relationships with their closest friends or partners and depend completely on what I say. I am not a therapist.

What part of your personality is your blessing but sometimes a curse?


7 thoughts on “My blessing but sometimes a curse.

  1. Seeing the big picture of everything, is a blessing because it makes me see where am going with what I do(goals , relationships, decisions..) but a curse because it makes me forget to focus on those small details that makes everything big..

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  2. The same thing when you’re just naturally nice to people; they decide to take advantage of you and always come to you for something. I guess I should say being a yes person, but I have definitely learnt how to say no over the last year.

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  3. Wow I love it ! I think I am an empathetic listener and empath in general and a pretty sensitive soul , and my curse is not really this over -booking of “friends-clients” it is more the notion of being drained of my energy despite my own will , this people pleaser tendencies and self-neglect afterwards , This feeling that no one trully give it back to me when I need this attentive ear and it is sometimes frustrating as I consider myself a giver to manage all that ! Perhaps in your case , take the time to put more boundaries around the fact that indeed some things are too heavy to bear or your help ressources are limited in a way but it is a work in progress and we could all improve on ourselves !

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    1. I completely get you dear. Sometimes we expect people to do for us what we do for them. The truth is they are not you, they are them. Don’t change anything to yourself. Remember just people will not do for you what you do for them.

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      1. yes , that’s true ,but I also think that in this case it is really important to be our best ,” best friend “somehow and journaling , has been tremendeously helpful for me ! I believe that we additionally have to be careful , about our own energy :as some people can love staying negative and we absorb all this negativity and feel drained afterwards , In fact, some people are just too low -vibe for us , I think it is called vampire energy Something like that and some “friends” should be taken more carefully ! I also don’t believe in letting people in that are not Worth our friendship ! But it is trully a blessing and a super-power ! now it can indeed be a curse and it is even more the case when we are more of a people pleaser and feel frustrated afterwards and it makes me ask the question of the gift and the reasons behind giving but it’s another story =)


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