Am I your friend?

In High school I knew all my classmates literally by names and still remember a huge number of them till today.  When I started varsity, I met even more people to add to my friends list. Am I your friend? Can I actually call you my friend?


A friend is someone who knows you, who calls you, who talk shit on your face and defend you when you turn your back. The person you can count on, the one who pull you up, who challenge your knowledge. A friend is someone who actually knows what is happening in your life. Am I your friend? Can I actually call you my friend?


Do you really know your friends or it is just in case you need to throw a party that you keep their numbers in your contacts?

I have read a quote once saying: “if you are not loosing friends, you are not growing.”

Are you being yourself?


12 thoughts on “Am I your friend?

  1. That was very intersting I personally like the fact that you talk about people who you call when you have a party … is that what you consider friends ? The message was so deep and make me feel like calling all my friends now … Thank you 😘

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  2. Amazing and genuienly interesting ! I Love to dive into the relationships topic and friendships are really interesting to me , what are your views on setting boundaries and what do you do to nurture and grow your relationships ?

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    1. Relationship is an amazing topic to write on. I believe that it is important to set boundaries in every relationship. Boundaries should not be put for people but for yourself, your mental health and well-being

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