Give me a break.

“Give me a break from work, school, all my obligations, everything that I can think of. please give me a break. “

A break gives you time to think about your life and reconsider what you are doing.

A break help you determine if you are on track or you are wasting your time on that project or taking those subjects.

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A break gives time to clear your head and gain fresh ideas.

A break gives you opportunities to discover yourself, sometimes you have no ideas ofย  what are your real talents and how awesome you are.

There is no specific period of time to determine a break, it can be 5 min, a hour, a day, a week, a year or even more. You are the only one who know how long each break you need should take.

Are you being yourself?

Tell me when is your next break.

21 thoughts on “Give me a break.

  1. Very true,indeed important to give ourselves a break, our bodies deserve and need a break…as they say if you don’t give your body a break,one day your body will force you to take a break and that might be late…thanks diva for this amazing blog

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