I can do it for free.

“I seem happy doing what I am doing but deep inside I am dying slowly and no one sees it. I want to do something that makes me happy, which add a positive value to my life, which will bring pure joy to my heart. And with or without a reward I can still enjoy what I do.”

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Wasting time doing things which bring you money is a quick fix and it will not last. “Do something where you do not need a vacation from.” The greatest people on Earth are admirable because at some points in their lives they did for free and were extremely good at it. Today we all admire them.


Remember this quote: “Doing it for free until someone decide to put a price on it you will worth millions.”

What it is that you are so passionate about that you can do for free?

19 thoughts on “I can do it for free.

  1. I strongly agree with you Divine!! I have learned something in life, don’t do things with expectations… The more you will look for expectations, the more you will be deceived… instead do it with all your heart and for you to do it with all your heart, you must have passion for it as you said!! Thanks for this beautiful post Diva!!

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  2. I am 💯% agree with you divine. It is very important to be with your passion. Do the things you love to do and you will definitely do it with your full passion.

    Now answer to your question is my passion is writing, training, coaching, speaking, interacting with people. Whenever I am doing it I am really felt like something I love. 😃

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