The best day to start over

On Mondays : it is the beginning of new weeks.

On your birthday: another year older will change your priorities.

The first day of school after holidays: plan better than last semester and set new achievable goals.

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On your wedding anniversary: remember that day, the beginning of a new adventure. Revive that fire, that passion.

The birthday of a special person in your life: it has the same effect as your own birthday.

And of course on new year: a year has past, a new year is given to you. What are you going to do?

Remember selflovies, you are unique and what works for you does not mean it will automatically work for me. Be patient with yourself.

Are you being yourself?

29 thoughts on “The best day to start over

  1. Infact it’s a matter of how u take each day.
    With the beautiful rays a sun bestow us positive insight to take each day differently to start with motive and new course of actions about it dreams.

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  2. Thank you for this wonderful post.

    I’m tired of how life gets more difficult for me, but reading this gives me hope on my birthday. I hope everything will be smoother.

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