Who told you?

Who told you that because you don’t have a degree you won’t succeed in life? who told you school will teach you everything? Who told you you have to have your life together before your 25th birthday? Who told you your past will determine your present? Who told you?

Who told you that you are too old to start over your life? Who told you you are too fat, too thin, too ugly, too beautiful, too short, too tall to do what you really want in life? Who told you it was over? Who told you not to be you? Who told you not to believe in yourself?

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Society will keep on telling you what to do, when to do it and how it should be done. You are the sole responsible of the decisions you will make from now on.

Are you being yourself?

Till next Sunday

Be Yourself.

32 thoughts on “Who told you?

  1. Beautiful post!
    To achieve great things in life we need to be who we meant to be since the very beginning of ours lives. We need to be ourselves, we need to deeply know who we are so that no one on this earth can’t stand before us and tell us what we are able to do or not.

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  2. i had a similar conversation with some people a few days ago. 12 years of school + at least 2 more years for a degree so that you can be someone. only, most people don’t realize that more than half of those who go for a degree don’t really learn a vocation. they get a degree that certifies they can get a decent job. once a job is secured, they are trained all over again for something that they didn’t learn through a degree.

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  3. I was told “You’d look so much younger if you dyed your hair.” I asked, “Why would I want to look younger?”. They had no answer. Society is always telling us to try be something we are not. When the idea is questioned, people cannot even justify why it is a “desirable” thing to do. Be yourself is a great thing to remind us to do! Great post!!

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