What is your biggest achievement so far?

We are half way through the year. What have you achieved so far? Where is your bucket list? My achievements are not necessarily equal to yours. We have different goals, different views of the world and different definition of happiness.

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Privates victories are more important than public victories. You have to be proud of yourself, of how far you have come. What others think about your achievements are their personal opinions. Be true to yourself, are you proud of what you have achieved so far? Simple things like to finish an entire book is a start. Exercising twice a week is a step forward.

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My greatest achievement so far was being featured into my university magazine. I was extremely proud of myself. Another thing I am proud of is I have reached more than half of views I wanted to reach this year on Being Yourself. All thanks to you.

Why are you proud of yourself today?

Till next Sunday

be Yourself.

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