Different world, Same reality

“I am now living in the strongest country in the world, the most amazing country in the world where every single dreams come true. I have everything I need at my door steps when I need it. Everyone is treated equally, we have the same opportunities and chance to succeed. Starting a multi million dollar company is as easy as ABC. Why are you suffering in Africa? you are so left behind”.

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Those are the typical things I hear from the people I know who have left Africa to live somewhere else. They act as if everyone has a great life and people aren’t dying. They are proud to be called African only when people appreciate the dishes they taste for the first time.

Africa is not what you have left or what you see on media. They show you only what they think is good for you. Do your own researches, don’t over do it. Knowledge is free and accessible to who ever is seeking for it. You are no longer the only ones with great vision of the world, with new mindset, with access to the latest technologies. Africa is rising. We now have what you have, maybe even more. Africa is filled with amazing young entrepreneurs, countless investors and incubators ready and seeking for next great idea. We are not all dying of hunger, war and diseases.

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You might as well come back to your motherland. If you have never visited any Africans countries, it is time to start your journey. Africa is not what you have been told. By the way Africa is not a country but a continent with 54 countries.

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Are you being yourself?

Til next Sunday

Be Yourself.

11 thoughts on “Different world, Same reality

  1. I’m not nor an african or living in Africa but I know what you mean. Looking down to a country when you never visited it and only see it in media is pitiful. Great post.

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  2. It’s never a good idea to gain an opinion or perspective on something that you’ve only seen through the media. I have not been to Africa and I have no African heritage in me, but I experience the same thing with my Asian heritage and the assumptions. Thank you for this post, it really helped re-align my mindset.

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