Her tipping point

For the little time I saw her smiling, I thought I knew everything about her and one day she told me her story and I was speechless. Today is Aurelie’s story. From having endured physical and verbal abuse for almost two years; she has had the courage and strength to leave her previous relationship. When I asked her to go in depth about those dark time she said:

At the beginning I thought he just wanted to correct me and I was putting all that in the name of love. Later on we started to fight to the point that the neighbours will call the police.

She met the guy when she was vulnerable and got caught in a relationship where she was not even value as a woman anymore. She was just good to cook. She told me

I reach a point where I started to question my true self, I was telling myself I am not beautiful, I am not worthy. I even try several times to commit suicide…

Being in a relationship where you want to kill yourself is a toxic relationship. Having the strength to get up and turn your life around is extremely difficult. Aurelie did get some help to understand that relationship will kill her and to get out of that.

Never be ashamed to ask for help, your life is more important than being in a relationship with someone who is bad for your mental and physical health. Taking some time off to heal is also important and you can discover another version of yourself.

She admitted

I jumped into another relationship as vulnerable as I was, I was insecure, still caring all the scars from my precious relationship and I didn’t give myself time to heal…

However long the night may be… you know what comes after. Today Aurelie has launch her own business bibi_africa (you can visit her online store from here).

bibi_africa supply cosmetics, african fabrics and accessories and cleaning products in South Africa, DR Congo and USA.

The best thing about Aurelie’s story is that she has no regrets she didn’t hide any details of what happened. It is the proof that she is healing and has undetstood that her past doesn’t define her. She jokingly said

You know what I tell myself every morning that Aurelie you’re beautiful you’re gonna do it you’re a strong woman and you’re unique. I don’t need a man to be and do great things.

She has come stronger that ever and giving all to her raising business.

Remember selflovies: you don’t need no one else approval to be you. Talk about it and start healing. You’re never too young to start your empire.

Till next time

Be yourself

9 thoughts on “Her tipping point

  1. Such a touching story.. I am so happy, she overcame that. The devil uses everything he can to fight the children of God. At the end of the day, God’s children are still his children. So Happy , She overcame and all the Glory goes to God 🙌🏽.

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