Any meditation tips?

Everyone has a meditation day or hour. It seems so easy when you watch them  do that on their social media platforms. Just sit still in a quiet space and clear out your mind and connect with your soul.

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The first I tried meditation for real, I couldn’t keep up with my thoughts. I sat in a quiet space and tried my thoughts it was so loud, I was thinking about everything at the same time it was so overwhelming. Then I stopped there, that was the end of my meditation.

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I have done much more research and talked to people who meditate daily to give some tips. I have come to understand that when you meditate, don’t fight with your thoughts let them come, acknowledge them. Think about that specific thought for a while when it comes,  don’t judge it and let it go. Do the same thing with all the thoughts which will come by. That is the only way you will control your mind and calm it down.

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Have you ever meditate before? How was your first experience? What are your meditations tips?

Till next Sunday

Be yourself.

25 thoughts on “Any meditation tips?

  1. I think people will understand the word “ meditation” depending on their beliefs. Us , Christian normally don’t need fancy practices or any position to meditate. We just need to sit anywhere we want, preferably in a quiet place and start reading the word of God, The Bible. Thinking quietly about the word of God, what God want us to know in each part of the Bible we are meditating on . This is meditation for us.

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    1. I agree with you , but is meditation always about the Bible for Christian ? I doubt. Although when I hear the word “meditation” I usually think about the Bible these days I’m discovering “life meditation” and I do it just by setting somewhere quiet with a slow music and think about my life, dreams and how I can be able to succeed

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  2. Headspace is an app which really helps, I use it daily. Also, I like to meditate outside because I just like that feeling of fresh air and find it enhances the meditation x

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  3. I have often felt that it’s better to get started with practising mindfulness. It brings you to terms with your thoughts. I meditate very erratically and when I do it after a long gap, I often face trouble adjusting even after all these years. A couple days of mindfulness always do the trick for me. You can try that 🙂

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  4. If you are finding it hard to make time for meditation, or practicing mindfulness, find little things throughout your day to reflect on. For example, if I know I’m going to have a stressful day, and I feel flustered and pressed for time, when I drink my tea or coffee I end up taking a couple seconds to take in the warmth, the calming, and appreciating the moment. Simple practices like that is also practicing mindfulness, and calming your mind and body for a moment. Every little bit counts!!

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  5. Thoughts are part of meditation most of the time but the key thing to notice is the difference between lost in thought and observing thought. Lost in thought is easy, we do it all the time…. In meditation you’ll know because you’ll forget your actually sitting in meditation. Observing thoughts and noticing the separation is much harder. You’ll be able to see your thoughts whilst still hearing the traffic outside or feeling the cushion. Having a physical cue like following breathing helps centre in the body.. So you could try to feel the air passing the nose as a way to stay observing. In any case it’s a long journey so sit back n enjoy

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  6. When I first started practicing meditation, it was to help with my anxiety and depression. So rather than trying to empty my mind, I learned to listen and seek out the negative thoughts or worries floating in my head as I felt my panic attacks and depressive moods was my body’s way of dealing with my inability to control my mind. Now, I make meditation part of my daily life (at night before bed when I shower and do my bible plan) and not an activity I have to make time for. I also write in my journal the thoughts I noticed while being still and present in the moment. After a while, it’s cool to look back and see the interesting things my mind tells us and the personal growth I underwent.

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