You are not a tree

People tend to complain too much about their jobs, what they do everyday, their situations, where they live, how poor they are and so on. You are not a tree, you can do something about it.

Only trees remain exactly on the same spot where they start growing, mountains too. On one hand there are people who use their intelligence to the fullest and on the other hand, the other part who die without even trying. We as humans have incredible intelligence, we can think for ourselves, we create things out of our imagination. Humans create things which they think we will need in the future. Humans have incredible intelligence. You are not a tree, you can change your situation.

Remember you are not a tree. you have the ability, the intelligence to change whatever situations you are in. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you can’t do it on your own.

Are you being yourself?

Till next Sunday

Be yourself.

8 thoughts on “You are not a tree

  1. Nice one. It is our duty to make this works around us. God has already given us the intelligence and ability to create new things, to make things works in our lives. Just as you said, we are not trees, not even mountains, we are human with incredible intelligence , people should realize that .

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  2. Great analogy. When we stopped moving or growing we tend to be in a bad place. If we just push the boundary a bit, stretch and do what might be even a tiny bit uneasy, such great confidence can be built. It might not happen over night, but step by step we can change the situation we’re in.

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