I am not only a woman, I am a human

Women are celebrated everyday but during the month of August women are publicly and officially celebrated in South Africa. The 9th of August is women’s day. For this year, let us celebrate this day differently. “Of course I am a woman but I am also a human”

Millions of people are suffering from depression which is still undermine in the world generally and more particularly in Africa. I had so little knowledge on depression, why it happen? how it happen? how to help a friend who are depressed? how to know someone is depressed? No one has ever explained to me what is depression. I used to be so clueless.

I have been reading a lot and come to understand that depression is feelings of severe despondency and dejection. People suffering from depression in most of the case end up committing suicide. Depression is real, people suffering from depression need help, they are humans, they are not fools or weak , they will not get over it with a good sleep or distance prayer. No No No No. They are humans,they need help. Thinking that suffering from depression is a sing of weakness or those people want to draw your attention, it is not true, they really need help.

Recently, a brilliant young girl committed suicide. The most shocking part of it was she posted her own date of death on her social media before taking her own life after being raped earlier in the year. How many life should be lost before the matter is taken seriously? Parents teach your children about depression, children tell your parents about the matter. Check on your loved ones, you know them but what they are going through in their heads you have absolutely no idea.

“Check on your strongest friends, they might be the ones who need the most help” To all who are going through depression, you are not alone, let people around you know you are not well, if you can’t say it, let people see. Your life matter.

This is for all of you who have been through it, for you amazing and strong women who have experienced rape and all forms of abuse. Your life matter, your are not only a woman to be respected you are a human. Your life matter, you matter, you are not alone.

7 thoughts on “I am not only a woman, I am a human

      1. J’admire beaucoup ce poste et le sujet très intéressant félicitations Divine!heee oui nous devons le crier haut et fort « nous sommes des femmes, nous sommes des battantes » marcher la tête baissée ne résout rien à ce que l’on a vécu comme cochemar au contraire levons nos têtes et rapprochons nous de Dieu (LUI seul est la solution à tout les problèmes),MARCHONS LA TÊTE HAUTE car nous sommes des merveilles de la nature Dieu nous a créé ainsi!
        Prenons toujours la peine d’écouter les autres car nous ne savons pas combien ils ont besoin de se décharger du poid qu’ils ont dans leurs cœur ,apprenons à leurs consacrer du temps même sur des banalités, car cela leurs permet de se sentir considéré et non rejeté !ayons juste un sens de l’écoute pour les aider à se décharger de lourds fardeaux.
        N’oublions jamais que Dieu est Amour et jamais il ne nous abandonnera.


  1. They need help. We might try to get close to them in order to help them, sometimes it’s not enough..The problem is that sometimes they don’t want to reveal their problems, or they sometimes don’t have anyone to talk to particularly , or they also pretend that everything is going well in their lives but in fact , it’s not . There are such people..

    For People who don’t have any person to talk to, they don’t even have reliable neighbors or friend, they are just alone… For those type of person, I will suggest them to invite Jesus Christ of Nazareth in their lives. You may not have everything in your life , you might not have people around you but if you have God through Jesus, you have everything. When Jesus will come into your life, He will fill up all the empty area of your life.

    For people who are ashamed to talk about what they are going trough , they pretend to be well, they sometimes don’t want any close friends or family members to know what they are going through… but want to get out of their problems. For those types of people , If they’re attending a good church, they should go and talk about their problems to the leader of the church. They will help them to get out of depression and everything they’re going through. If they are not attending any church but are surrounded by churches in theirs area, and once decided to attend a church of Jesus Christ, the Spirit of God will direct them to make a good choice.

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