10 useful tools

1.Start by loving yourself

You will live with yourself for the rest of your life. It is not selfish you need to love yourself. The love and care you give out, you deserve it too.

2. Have a goal

What are you trying to achieve in life? why are you living ? What are your goals? Read my goal in life

3. Have the right crowd around you

Who are your People? surround yourself with people who uplift you,challenge your knowledge and bring the best out of you.


4. Use more BE and less HAVE.

Mind your language. How do you talk to yourself? What you say to yourself is important.

5. Think “POSITIVE?”

The more you are optimist and think positively good things come in mind and you have more ideas to explore. Think positive

6. Make the different between important and urgent. Sometimes, what is urgent is not important and what is important is not urgent. Check out It’s important, it’s urgent.

images (5)

7. Take calculated risks

At what moment should you invest everything or say something? The best time to say what you think is when you feel like it.

8. Give yourself a break.

You deserve a break to recharge yourself and get fresh ideas and see things differently. Allow yourself to take breaks.

9. Learn from all your past failures. Check out more on Tu ne peux pas continuer ainsi. and Lifetime lessons


10. Start over

Don’t be afraid to start over when things aren’t going as planned. Start over you still have time to change your strategies. have a look at the best day to start over


Are you being yourself?

Till next Sunday

Be Yourself.


16 thoughts on “10 useful tools

  1. I think that these are great points to meditate on, but I am missing a sort of practical step by step plan or ideas to do so . Indeed , everyone is screaming love yourself but how do we actually achieve that on daily basis . For instance what is a self-loving behavior according to you ? because in my opinion it is deeper and has to do with self-image and self-esteem as well as self-forgivness . The second I would rather call it a purpose than a goal, but I agree that it is definetly, important to figure it out !Then what are the signs to you that show that we ‘rennot hanging out with the right group of people …How do we meet like-minded people ? What is more , I do think that starting over is necesary at times !
    So I would love to know you answers and sharing a bit about your experiences with self-love for instance .

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    1. I do undetstand your questions about selflove. Having steps to follow to love yourself is not really something I will recommand because I believe everyone is different. What works for one will not necessarily works for someone else.
      I share my self love journey throughout my posts. A little bit at the time. Selflove is accepting your weakness, your strengths, your body, all your imperfections and thriving to be the best version of yourself.

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    2. The second question is how you know that those are the wrong person for you.
      People who are always dragging you down
      People who are also jealous of you
      People who find problems in every solutions
      People who don’t value you
      People who take advantage of you
      People who threatened your inner peace and the respect you have for yourself. Those are not your people.

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