A year of Being Yourself

I can’t believe that it has been a year since I have started Being Yourself. It has been a journey full of emotions, doubts, fear, joy, happiness, excitement, discouragement and you name it. Writing has always been part of my life. I remember keeping journals and have my friends sign inside of one of them. I would take note of whatever I read and see around me. Well writing on paper will never get old.

It was a Winter afternoon when my best friend ( tired of me sending notes of whatever I see and read, lol) told me to start a blog and share my thoughts with everyone and of course he will be the first to read my posts. Being Yourself was the perfect name I thought of. I didn’t have any other option, I just said Being Yourself will be the perfect name.

It was so exciting to have a platform where I share my thoughts and meet new people, four months later the excitement faded and I wanted to quite. It took so much of my time, I didn’t know where I wanted to go with this blog, it was taking so much of my energy. I started to look up for other bloggers who are in the same niche as mine: how do they cope and balance their lives. I was posting when I felt like or when I remember I had a blog.

In March I decided to take a break from Being Yourself: I really felt like I gave up on myself. I dedicated the all month to research and proper planning, trying to make a choice if I wanted to cry on with my blog or not. I had a really good support system and I discover really great bloggers during my break. The following month, I found the right equilibrium among my blog, my private life, my studies and all other aspects of my life.

I schedule my pots every Sunday at 5 PM South African Time and I always plan for the month in advance. It has made my life a lot easier and I have more time to read, have fun with my family and friends and prepare for the upcoming posts. I never read a post once I have scheduled it, I like the surprising feeling of discovering what people who follow my blog see and read. Anyone else doing that?

The blog has also gave me the idea of having a micro blog on Instagram @selflovies_society . Make sure you follow the page and keep on Being You always and everywhere.

Starting Being Yourself was my greatness achievement last year and now it feels like it has always been part of my life. Thank you to all who have been part of the journey. People always ask what inspire me to write, the answer to that is You inspire me.


Are you being Yourself?

Till next Sunday

Be Yourself

30 thoughts on “A year of Being Yourself

  1. Lovely! I’m so glad I found you on the blogosphere. Your friend is amazing for giving you the idea to start Being Yourself.
    Excited for more post from you!
    I’m going to take your idea and plan my posts days or months prior. That is what you needd to do to have time for yourself. I forgot about that, so thanks for reminding me!

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  2. Wonderful! I loved seeing your map – my map needs a good few more African views to fill in the jigsaw. I have also started Instagram to share along with my blog but I find it hard to keep up with other social media some weeks and the blog is enough.

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    1. I understand. At first it was also hard for me to manage my blog and the Instagram account at the same time. But with time I found the balance between the 2. I have a good number of traffic to my blog coming from my Instagram account.
      I think you just have to find what works for you and work on that.

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      1. I’ve been playing more with Pinterest and I’ve started to gain a small number of views from there. It seems to have paid off. But from what I understand about Pinterest, you do need to pin regularly to keep getting noticed.

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      2. Exactly that is also what I read about Pinterest. Don’t give up. It’s may take days or months to have a good number of views but patience always pays off. 😊

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  3. What a lovely journey! Great things always start small.. I see your blog ,Being Yourself , becoming more greater than what we see now. Keep going πŸ’•


  4. Congratulations πŸŽ‰ glad you didn’t quit.
    Yes, I’m being myself and working at it more and more each day.

    I think the reason people struggle with their identity is because they don’t know who they are. According to Dr. Tasha Eurich 95% of people claim they’re self aware, but only 15% really are. Cool stuff.

    If you haven’t guessed it, I blog about self awareness and development.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Judy @sensibledove

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  5. Congratulations on having your blog for a year. Blogging seems easy in theory, but it is a lot more work than just writing a post and clicking the publish button. Sometimes it feels like having a second job, but it’s worth it if you are passionate about it.

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    1. Exactly Therose blogging is not as easy as it looks in theory. The thing is we have to find what keep us motivated and it will be a nicer journey. Thanks for reading Therose


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