This time next year

This time last year did you plan to be where you’re at now? how was your life this time last year? This time last year, I couldn’t imagine having an open journal where I share with complete strangers my joy, my experiences, my fears, my laughter and what I read.

This time next year can be a lot better than where you are now. This time next year will never be what it is today, only if you put the necessary efforts. Imagine your life this time next year, what do you see?

Have you ever watched the show “this time next year” ? It is basically different people making promises publicly and have a year to accomplish whatever they promised. It inspired me to write and reflect on my own life. Having a personal vision for your life should be your priority. You have to know where you want to go and how you want to get there.

What do you want this time next year?

Till next Sunday

Be yourself

11 thoughts on “This time next year

  1. I love that this made me reflect on what I had envisioned for myself this time last year. I’m way ahead of where I thought I’d be, I’m happier than ever, and stepping outside my comfort zone a lot. It gives me hope… who KNOWS how awesome things will be this time next year?!

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  2. Well, well, well, Divine let me just thank you for sharing this , it made me think so much of my short term goals that I’m planning to realize next year , and it also made me think of all the blessing that I have and efforts that I made to be where I’m this year which was far away from where I was last year. Thank you so much dear.

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    1. I am glad you could relate. This time last year was also different from this time this year and this very same time next year will be different only if we do something to make it different. Thanks for reading 😊


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