5 good reasons to plan your day

For the past 18 years I have lived according to my parents schedule for me. Basically, waking up, go to school till 2 PM, come back, TV, homework, bedtime and the next day was exactly the same. After high school, I had to start planning my days. Here are 5 good reasons you should plan your day in advance.

1. You will use your 24 hours to the fullest

Everyone who is alive today had 24 hours to use, it is the same for everyone, whether you are rich or poor we all have 24 hours. When your day is plan in advance, you will know exactly what to do when and how to accomplish your task

2. It gives a sens of accomplishment

When you plan to do something and you actually do it at the time you said you would, it makes you feel better about yourself. You will know that you can plan bigger projects and you will be able to stick to you plan

3. You won’t have time to complain

With a day well planned and structured, you will not have time to complain and be bored. You will not feel depressed and angry from being bored because you will have something to do.

4. It helps you take control of your life

You can easily track your progress and see if you are on track with your projects or if you have spent enough time with your family and friends. For whatever you planned to do on those days you will see if you are on the right direction

5. It motivate you

You will be excited to go to bed because you know what you will wake up to tomorrow. You will compete with yourself and be a better version of yourself.

Why do you plan your days in advance?

Till next Sunday

Be yourself

19 thoughts on “5 good reasons to plan your day

  1. I like to plan my days in advance to the hour but the downside is when one thing doesn’t go according to plans then I feel like my entire day is crushed. For that reason, I just give myself a set of goals that I want to achieve by the end of the day… ….and when I don’t , I remind myself that’s it’s okay, that tomorrow is another day😁 and most importantly to feel grateful for what I did.

    Thanks for sharing why you like to plan your days!

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    1. That is great. Plan ahead but still keep in mind that if somthing doesn’t go according to plan you can adjust and you still have tomorrow to complete your task. Thanks for reading Ruth❤


    2. Same here lol. I do the same thing . I used to plan it but it never really work , so I just set things to accomplished throughout the day . I don’t always accomplished them but I always try my best

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  2. I like to plan my off-days from work. My work days are long and much the same routine. But, on my weekends I like to plan in a general sense, but not down to the hour. Having a list or whatever of things to accomplish or a place to travel to works for us. By not planning those days in advance, we tend to be scrambling and running all over, but really getting nothing done.

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