The 10 bricks you have added into my life.

Today is a very personal experience I would like to share with you. I am not used to be that personal, in my posts but I strongly feel that it might help someone. Today is my best friend birthday. A very special year not only for him but for me too. Being in a relationship where you grow up to the point you feel so better about life and yourself, shouldn’t been taken for granted.

Here are the 10 best lessons I have acquired since the beginning of our relationship.

You have literally forced me to be myself.

You gave me the idea of starting my blog, which at first I found it silly because I couldn’t imagine myself doing that. You saw in me what I could not see myself and today here I am, taking this blog as a precious baby.

You told me school will not teach me who I really am

Indeed you were right. School only taught me what was on the program in order to complete a specific degree. Thank you for always challenging everything I know and teach me new things. Self-education is something you undertake willingly.

Live the life you want.

I was living according to what the society wanted me to do. I fit in for so many years that I was squeezing my true self. You have once told me: how I react to what the world give me is my sole responsibility.

You have convinced me to read things which uplift me and teach me new skills

His favorite surprise gifts were always books. The first one I received was the 7 habits of highly effective people. That book has changed the way I see my relationship with myself, my family, you and all others. If you haven’t read it, go find it but be ready for it.

Prioritize your time.

Live for what you love. Everything in your life doesn’t require the same amount of energy. There are things more important which require more attention and time than others. I have an actual list of priority.

You can be whatever you want to be

Every decisions you take after leaving your parents house is totally up to you. What do you want from life? You just have to work hard for what you want. Believe it, dream it, make it happen.

Relationships require maintenance

Everything isn’t pink or white. You need to constantly put in the fire for it to burn again and again. When you fight, don’t remember everything you have given up to be together but remember everything you have gain while being together.

Fear is just a word

Don’t be afraid to show to the world what you truly have to offer. All great things are on the other side of fear. Fear no more as the Lord your God is with you.

Respect means a lot

It is not just having manners and being polite. It goes beyond that and has deeper meaning. When you are in a relationship, how you represent your partner and how he or she represents you is really important. I have learnt it the hardest way.

Love can’t solve everything

Sometimes you can love each other as much as you can but as the same time you are toxic to each other lives. A lot more have to come to place to make a great relationship. Love stick all the aspects together. He have been a great supporter from day one. Take your time to uplift the people you claim you love. Share with them your knowledge. The world will never be ready for you.

What have you learn from your past or present relationships?

Are you being yourself?

Till next time

Be Yourself.

14 thoughts on “The 10 bricks you have added into my life.

  1. I loved this post, and I think it will be in my head (at least) all day. I now want to write about the “bricks” other people have added to my life. Thank you for this; it definitely has me thinking.

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