5 good financial habits

being a student has taught me how to manage money effectively. I have adopted some financial habits over time.

Don’t run out of money every month end

spend what is left after you have save. Remember the why of your saving, save for specific goals.

Don’t live beyond what you can afford

If you have to borrow to get it, yo can’t afford it. Borrowing create an endless vicious cycle where you borrow from Divine to pay back Dan then you owe Divine her money. If you have to borrow to get it, you really can’t afford it.

Spend smartly

Learn to say no to yourself, you can’t always eat out from Monday to Sunday. Spend for things you really need, know what you are paying for and shop without your credit card. Having all the necessary cash with me when I shop help me spend less.

Don’t live on credit

Do a list of all your bills and pay them in advance to avoid paying extra charge for overdue account.

Track your spending

There are things that i need each and every month, other stuff I can live without and other stuff are only needed for special occasion and emergency spending. Make a list of your priorities and understand your spending

PS: I have so many loyalty cards from stores I usually go (feel like I am a little obsessed I have got so many of them)

What are some of your financial habits?

Till next Sunday

Be yourself

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