5 Powerful quotes I live by

There are millions of quotes out there and we all get inspired differently by each of them.

Here are five powerful quotes to live by

Delight in the Lord ans He shall give you the desire the desires of your heart”

I am a strong believer that if you put God first in whatever you do you will always get the desire of your heart

“The more authentic you become, the more people can relate to you and better express themselves”

It is important to stay true to yourself. People want to relate to your authentic you not on the person you pretend to be. As much as they have been selling us the idea that you live for yourself, the truth is life is about finding your purpose and make that purpose to serve others.

“It is either day one or one day”

This quotes speaks for itself. You have the choice, it is either the first day of working towards your dreams and goals or you will do it one day but not sure which one.

“Love is kind, love is patient, it forgives and does not keep any record of wrong. Love is not proud”

The greatest feeling is and sill remain LOVE. It always wins no matter what.

“If you have to borrow to buy something, you simply cannot afford it”

If you have to borrow money to buy certain type of clothes, it is a sign that you can’t afford it. borrowing for basic things like clothing, food or to have a certain lifestyle is just the dumbest thing you can do to yourself. Live within your means, the more you earn the more you can upgrade your lifestyle. Do not try to look rich to impress people you don’t even like.

What are some of the quotes you live by?

Till next Sunday

Be yourself

12 thoughts on “5 Powerful quotes I live by

  1. “Its either day one, or one day” is my favorite quote to recite to myself as I get up in the mornings to workout. I have never heard but love the last quote it speaks volumes about finances and meeting your needs first. Great read.

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  2. Interesting post and amazing quotes !However, I just think the last one is a bit ironical because we all borrow money from someone who borrowed money from someone .In my opinion it just enhances the limiting belief of lack rather than plenty . My favorite quotes are : Do onto others you wish them to do to you .Choose joy .Celebrate your uniqueness .Love yourself enough to live a healthy lifestyle.No matter how alone you think you are God is always just a prayer away .Rejoice in the Lord . I’m no longer a slave to fear I am a child of God . When there’s a will there’s a way.Believe you can and you’re halfway there.Let gratitude be the pillow on which you lay to say your nightly prayer .

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