Fitness routine

Being a blogger means I spend most of my time behind a computer and reading. Working from home is pretty cool but you can be carried away and loose track of time or your weight. It is important to have some fitness routine. I have discovered an interesting Instagram page called EDM FITNESS, young fitness coaches who give personalized fitness programs to every single of their clients.

Fitness routine with EDM FITNESS

Since many people want to be fit and keep an healthy diet but don’t like going to the gym ( I am guilty), what are the fitness routine for people who work from home and spend most of their time behind a screen? They said:

It only takes 30 minutes of your day… Weighted squat work well for developing strong and firm legs and add a bit of a nicer shape to it. This exercise does not require any gym equipment

Before carry on with my questions on fitness routine and healthy diet, I was curious to know the story behind EDM FITNESS. It is basically three coaches and EDM is the first letter of their names. E for Emir, D for Darcy and the M for Malec. They were focused on doing fitness modelling until people were stopping them and ask advice on how to keep a healthy diet and be well built like them.The desire to share what they knew with more and more people grew and their started their online fitness coaching journey. They believe that:

Every single person need a specific type of workout and a specific diet because we all have different types of bodies which makes us unique

When it comes to easy meals you can do at home to stay healthy and have some muscles, again it varies from one person to another. For breakfast I was prescribed Oat meal and add in four eggs. For Lunch brown rice with breast chicken and broccoli and for dinner sweet potatoes some kind of meat and broccoli. I am a very picky eater and this diet really challenged me

Lastly, I couldn’t resist asking them how being themselves helped them be who they are now. Darcy, the D in EDM FITNESS honestly said:

I am happy with how far I got and the body I have but there are still room for improvement… Bodybuilding helped me mentally, i am more disciplined, failure is not something to be sad about but something to learn from

There are no results in a short period of time when it comes to fitness and healthy diet. EDM FITNESS aim is to help people achieve their fitness goals at a very affordable price. It is clear that there is no reason to put your health or fitness goals aside. Request your own personalized workout and diet plan with EDM FITNESS

What are some of your healthy habits?

Till next Sunday

Be yourself

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