Upgrade your blogging game

Blogging can sometimes be overwhelming, it is not pink everyday. I have started this blog in August 2017 it has been a beautiful journey and I don’t regret my choice, the mistakes I have made helped me to become the person I am today. For the full one year experience read A year of Being Yourself

The first thing to understand and write down now is WHY did you start your blog? why are you blogging? what do you want to achieve through your blog? That is the start of everything.

1. Blogging shouldn’t be about “YOU” all the time

I have came across blogs which seem like it is a secret journal but open to the public. Reading the posts left me more confused as it was hard to understand the content although the title was appealing. People want to relate to your blog, your experiences, let people recognize themselves through your writings. One of 5 Powerful quotes I live by is

The more authentic you become the more people can re;late to you and express themselves better.

2. Be consistent

There is nothing more frustrating than having irregular paycheck for example, your audience feels the same. When are you posting your content? how many times? does your audience know when to tune in and read? Be consistent.

3. Follow and engage with other bloggers

There are so many amazing bloggers out there, follow bloggers who have the same niche as you, learn from them. Follow all other blogs which speaks to your hearts. Engage with each others, read their posts, comments, like, retweets, re-blog. Complete each other do not compete.

4. Join blogger group

I will definitely recommend you to join a blogger group. There are thousand, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and you name it. Those groups are really helpful, it will open your mind to new ideas and perspectives. You can meet new people and make amazing friends who have the same struggles as you and are ready to help with anything. However don’t just join any group, join the blogger group of your city, your state, your country and add groups which you like.

5. Marketing marketing marketing

Let people know about your blog, shares your posts on others social media, ask personally people to read and share your work. Let people know about you, even when you have reached a huge number of followers, don’t relax and be too comfortable in your routine. there are still millions of people out there who haven’t heard a single thing about you. Keep on giving more value to your readers.

Are you being yourself?

Till next Sunday

Be Yourself

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