Bringing people together

I enjoy meeting new people, I find everyone fascinating in their own perspectives. In September, for my first getaway Sandy Land getaway I had the opportunity to meet new people, make new friends and get more inspired by people it was a success all thanks to Voiturage the culture of movement

From your home to your events. From your home to our events. From your house to your new home. We offer the best transportation solutions and experiences for your daily life.

Voiturage is a young startup based in Johannesburg South Africa which is all about providing the best experience of your travel services. It was easy for me to organize my event as they just took away all the stress of bus booking, listing the guests, payment methods and all the necessary arrangement for a road trip. All I had to do was to enter on their website, under the getaway section, as many details as possible on what I wanted for my Sandy Land getaway and they did the rest.

It is one thing to know what is not right in the world but it takes extreme courage to believe in your dreams and make it a reality no matter how hard it gets. I have personally witness the creation, the ups and downs and the raise of this startup. The face behind Voiturage, Boris Malemo told me,

I had and still have those big ideas on how to make transportation in Africa more affordable, reliable and available to all so I decided to start Voiturage … right now I am between completing my degree and Voiturage but it is no secret that Voiturage is my priority.

The passion in what he is doing can only push one to believe deeply that your dreams can become reality and you are only one step closer to accomplish them. Today people don’t just buy your products and services, they buy the story behind it, they want to share your vision and why not your passion.

So what is the why to this startup? Boris confidently said

I believe that transportation is a dynamic industry, there is always room for improvement. Africa has always been good at following what others are already doing but we can as Africans innovate in that industry as well… At Voiturage we offer the best transportation solution to the greatest number of people.

On my bucket list I mentioned that I will be doing more events in Gauteng south Africa this coming year. The first event of 2019 is already listed on their website, visit their site at to book your seat now.

Till next Sunday

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