10 best blog posts of the year

In 2018, you have been the most amazing and supportive readers ever. Today I want to share with you a list of the top 10 blog posts which you have liked, read, commented and share the most in 2018. Thank you for being yourself every single day.

10 best blog posts of the year

10. Who told you?

9. It’s important, it’s urgent.

8. 10 ways to invest in yourself

7. Give me a break

6. The best day to start over

5. However long the night might be

images (3)

4. What school forgot to teach me

3. Living with regrets

2. The second most read, liked and shared post was about the perfect timing to do things. At what moment


1. The article which was everyone favorite and I got to know you better by all the lovely comments you left was 10 Ways to feel good . I remember that I wrote it a day when I was sad and looking for ways to feel good

2018 has been amazing, I have hit my target of 10,000 views for the year. You have shown me love and support which I am really grateful for. I am looking forward to this new year fill with countless opportunity and growth. Once again HAPPY NEW YEAR

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What was your favorite blog post of 2018?

Till next Sunday

Be Yourself

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