Soweto outdoors adventures review

One of the highlights of 2018 was celebrating my little brother’s birthday at the Soweto outdoor adventures and Orlando Towers in Soweto. Adrenaline lovers and adventurous people this place is for you. They offer a variety of activities : paintball, go karting, quad bikes, wall climbing, SCAD free fall and the ultimate attraction Bungee jumping from the Soweto Towers.

It is the perfect spot for group activity, team building or if you are simply looking for a day full of emotions and laughter. We enjoyed spending the day at the Soweto outdoors adventures. They have various packages which suit all budgets.


First activity we started with, I am glad I was in the right team, we shot the enemies with all our hearts

Quad bikes

I was skeptical about doing this activity as it was the first time ever I was on a bike. It turned out to be my favorite activity of the day

Wall climbing

At first it doesn’t seem high and it looks easy. But once you are over that ladder then you realize how high it is, but don’t give up just go for it or else you will regret it

SCAD Free fall

It takes courage to do that. “For few seconds you loose control of your surroundings but you feel good and satisfy at the end” he told me that after doing it

Bungee jumping

The ultimate attraction happening at the Soweto towers. You need strong determination to do that.

I am not the kind of person who like feeling great sensations. being there and doing all those things took me a lot of courage and I am glad I tried new things. I promise myself that I will do bungee jumping before the end of this year.

Find out more about the Soweto outdoors adventure here and the SCAD free fall and body jumping here

What new things have you tried lately?

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15 thoughts on “Soweto outdoors adventures review

    1. SCAD stands for suspended catch air device. Like bungee jumping but you are falling straight into a sort of nest.
      I think I should add a picture of that. Thanks for bringing this up and for reading Francois😊


  1. Hi. I came across your blog from Twitter. This looks really amazing especially the wall climbing. It looks a bit scary but I guess that is where the adventure part of it lies. I had to pin this on Pinterest for future reference for whenever I’m the area. Thanks for the tips.

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