My relationship with you.

February has come, it is this time of the year where love is commercialize. What better than talking about relationships? What importance do you give to your relationships?Take some time to think about it. Humans were not created to live in isolation you surely have any kind of relationships

In every relationships, you have a specif role to play. Have you ever thought about your role in relationships? Do you know them? You cannot be in a relationship where you only give and you get nothing back in return. Is your relationships adding valuable things to you?

Think about all your relationships again.I mean family, friends, love and business relationships. Think about them all, one at the time.

Now think about this beautiful quote from Covey R.C. : “The important thing you bring into a relationship is not what you say or do, it is who you are.”

How do you feel about your relationships now?

Till next Sunday

Be Yourself

17 thoughts on “My relationship with you.

  1. You are totally right! You need to know who exactly youโ€™re in relationship with. Do you bring anything valuable into it? Do you receive something that helps you back? Or you are just there for fun…
    In any kind of relationship (family,friends,love …) as you said Divine, you need to know your purpose! Yes, even with friends, you need to know how to behave . Think about it.
    If I can suggest you a relationship to look for firstly, is the one with God, your creator…do you put an effort into the relationship youโ€™re with your creator? You should start there, and all the others relationship will be easy to manage.

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