Getting my driver’s licence

Having my driver’s licence was one of the things to do on my bucket list for 2019. I am an Instagram lover, I see that platform as a big virtual market. It was obvious that Instagram was going to be the first place to look into to find out which the most suitable driving school for me. A lot of driving schools in Johannesburg don’t have Instagram account or have one that which is neglected. I found this colorful and active page Pace Driving School

My experience with Pace Driving School

I got in contact with the bubbly Elona, the only hing I knew was I wanted to have my driver’s licence and start driving. She took her time to explain to me the entire process to get a driver’s licence, how things were going to happen and the first steps to take. She was friendly, patient and didn’t mind answering the same questions over and over again. The first day at the office she remembered my name which made me feel more comfortable and she explained to me the entire process again. Everything was set, paid and I was ready to start my driving lessons the following Monday

Learner’s test

Before getting a driver’s licence, the learner’s licence is the first thing to do. Pace Driving School took me through everything and I was given material to study from to pass my learner’s test. It was hard for me since I had to learn everything from road signs, traffic rules and part of the cars in English since I am a French speaker.

Driving lessons

Pace Driving School cars are equipped with double foot breaks, one break on the driver’s side and the other one on the passenger’s side where Mathew my instructor was sitting. This was a plus and it made me feel more confident and relaxed to know that Mathew could at any time stop the car whenever I was making a mistake which I believe I didn’t make a lot.

I have always been scared of driving, I couldn’t imagine myself behind the wheel. My instructor was very patient and encouraged me to be and feel comfortable behind the wheel. Parking was the part that scared me the most but Mathew tips and tricks were great and I was comfortable to parallel park correctly after six lessons

Driver’s test

I have heard a lot about people falling their tests because they were nervous or panicked too much. I was also scared of going for my test. Last Wednesday was the test day . Everything went perfectly, I was well prepared and I FINALLY PASS MY DRIVER’S TEST AND GOT MY LICENCE

The overall experience with Pace Driving School was amazing. It is really value for money, they have great specials you should take advantage of. I overcame my fear of driving, I got my learners and I got my driver’s licence. This is not 2019 but it is twenty mighty for me thank you Elona and Mathew.

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27 thoughts on “Getting my driver’s licence

  1. Wowww congratulation Divine. I really like the fact that driving schools have two foot brakes, it really makes people feel less scare. I learned how to drive with my dad and it was not easy, I wish I went to a driver school just to feel less stress and scare. Again congratulation.

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  2. So good to finally have your licence! I know I was a bit panicy myself. I too had an instructor with a second pedal. He was patient too and understood where I was at – which was tremendous. Great that you have accomplished one of those things that we all have a bit of trepidation about ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. Hey girl! What a great post. It took me a long time to get my license but I also conquered my fear after perseverance. Keep up the great writing ๐Ÿ’•

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  4. YES! I LOVE IT ! You did it sis , OMG Congrats girl !! having your driving licence ,and overcoming your fear is awesome ! I AM SOO PROUD OF YOU DIVINE, and so can you ! You are a warrior ! Much Love my friend โค

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