Five tips to solve your problems

Problems are part of life cycle. At some point, we have all encounter problems, the ones we create ourselves, the ones they put us in and the ones inherit from previous generations. In order to evolve and move forward, it is important to face your problems and solve them. If you have been avoiding or running away from your problems, here are five tips to help you solve your problems.

Five tips for problem solving

1. Anticipate them

Life is not all pink and beautiful. You will find yourself lost and in trouble if you believe that the road to success is a straight up line. Sometimes people believe that because they are good to others and stay far away from problems, nothing can go wrong. Even if you avoid trouble and problems, anticipate them. Keep a positive attitude and plan for the worst, you will be ready to face whatever problems that come your way.

2. Accept the truth

Face the reality, the problem is real and it need to be taken care of. Refusing to accept the reality and face the problem, you will end up creating more problems. If you have created it yourself, accept what happened and work on making things better. However little the problem maybe, accept that it is a problem and start solving it.

3. See the bigger picture

It is completely understandable to be overwhelmed by emotions when you have problems. Don’t spend all your time regretting and make yourself feel bad about what happened, you are not a looser. If it didn’t go well today, it will work tomorrow. Find the roots of your problem and start readjusting the steps to take.

4. Solve them one at the time

Don’t try to solve everything at once even if you think it is possible, solve them one by one. Make a list, what is the most urgent problem that require your attention? Sometimes, what’s urgent is not important and what’s important is not always urgent (see related reading It’s important, it’s urgent. ).

5. Don’t give up

Just because the solution did not work doesn’t mean you will have that problem forever. Change the way you tackle the issue, see it from a new perspective. Remember that every problem you face introduce you to yourself. It shows you how you think.

What are your problems solving tips? Leave a comment below

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45 thoughts on “Five tips to solve your problems

  1. Great post. Problems are certainly part of the human condition. Handling them or least trying to is also part of the human condition as well. All of your points are so spot on. I do like the idea of not trying to solve them all at once. Working diligently one step at a time in manageable bites is a great approach.

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    1. Yes that’s true. I used to try solving all my problems at once but it never worked out. Solving them one by one is the best way to guarantee long term solutions.
      Thanks for reading 😊

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    1. I think people tend to forget that it’s important to solve ONE problem at the time. Solving everything at once isn’t the solution. Each problem requires different solutions.
      Thanks for reading 😊


  2. Wow , I love this post , you know that I am all about empowerment and self-development , and I love these tips. The content is not only spot on but also wonderfully written ! My problem solving tip would be to start with your self-talk . Indeed , sometimes , we don’t actually understand that the problem is not the problem itself but rather the stories we have created around it .These stories keep us away from the truth of our reality, and starting by acknowledging your self-talk: will help you face the problem for what it really is practically, which also requires self-awareness . For instance, I thought that my problem was the need to loose weight when I came to terms with the fact that my real problem was that I didn’t allowed myself to be fully happy and healthy because I thought I did not deserve it .So it was all about my low self-esteem and limiting beliefs. Thus, it was only until I managed to shift my self-talk that working -out and eating healthy became a real lifestyle rather than a chore ,which helped me to lose weight easily . ; )


    1. I completely agree with this one. The stories we created around the problem. That’s so true. Sometimes we tend to try to solve a problem only 1 part of the problem and we forget to look at what exactly created this problem. That is why it’s important to solve one problem at the time and find the root of every problem to have long lasting solutions.

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  3. Now the good news is as I am working -out I feel more confident and know that I can dream bigger for myself and that it is my birthright to actually be happy and healthy!Then as soon as I decided to take care of my health more seriously as a lifestyle I have started to go to medical appointments I postponed for years and I am now diabetes free but it all started with the conviction that I was capable and worthy of all this first ! πŸ™‚

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  4. My second tip would be to surround yourself with positive people ,because as I started to shift my habits , some people were not a good fit anymore , those who loved junk food called me crazy to have a morning routine and work-out and those who accepted the new me are now part of my journey . Moreover , it is much more easier to stay solution-oriented : when you’re surrounding by high vibes people rather than negativity and people who will judge you all the time , putting on you some pressure that you don’t need.In fact , if each solution comes up with someone trying to find an excuse to stay lazy .Things won’t move forward. I hope that it is clear enough .But thank you for that food for thought !

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  5. My third tip would be to cultivate self-validation and tune in. Indeed although it is important to have a positive environment . In the end you decide , if you want to take action and which direction is best for you: because the solution is often within us .Personally journaling have been a live-saver on that because it has opened up new perspectives and allowed me to stay in touch with my intuition.

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  6. Finally , I would say to develop self-compassion because beating ourselves up and staying in our heads does not provide answers but rather more anxiety. So it is about allowing ourselves to say okay it is never to late to do my best ,I might not be there yet but I am trying .This helps us relax and find solutions effortlessly , which is reminiscent of the fact that we get better ideas and solutions under a good shower because we are relaxed . So find ways to relax , that might help.
    That’s it for my tips, but your post was amazing really!

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