Stonehaven on Vaal: review

I have always wanted to go on a boat cruise but living far away from the coast requires to wait for holidays or planning a long weekend to the coast. Luckily, I have discovered an amazing place where I could experience my boat cruise and still have the possibility to go back and sleep in the comfort of my bed. Then I realized it could be a great idea to go with some of THE SELFLOVIES_SOCIETY and share the experience with them. I used Voiturage services to help me sort all the transportation logistics from Johannesburg to Stonehaven on Vaal, I had one less thing to worry about.

Situated on the Vaal river in Vanderbijlpark, Stonehaven on Vaal is considered as one of the most beautiful garden restaurant in Gauteng. The garden restaurant is only one hour drive from Johannesburg South Africa.

They have different boat size to suit all your desires, events, it all depends on what you are looking for. They have 20 minutes boat cruise, one, two or three hours boat cruise on the Vaal river.

It was a sunny day, all the roses were perfectly white, the atmosphere was great and the cocktails were fruity and sweet. The garden has different venues of different sizes for various events. There is a lot to see on the premises, all ages will find the perfect thing to do and spend a beautiful day.

The experience was amazing, the landscape on the Vaal river was absolutely beautiful. The restaurant offers a great variety of African dishes and the week we visited Stonehaven on Vaal it was during “Nutella week”, they had various of desserts made with Nutella.

Next time you want to have a one day getaway with friends or family or just go out with new people, make sure you visit VOITURAGE to get on board on your next adventure, making new friends and create long lasting memories while at the same time being sure you will spend the night in the comfort of your bed.

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