How important is humility?

We live in a world where being arrogant is praised, people don’t know how to be humble. Humble people are seen as weak, not goal oriented. How important is humility?On a scale from 0 to 10, I would personally say 11. Being humble is one of the important quality to develop as well. Being humble open your heart for compassion, being humble open your mind to learn more and acquire more knowledge. Be humble

Things you have to understand about humility

Humble people are easily teachable, although they might have all the money in the world they are always ready to learn new things and improve on what they know. Humility precedes glory, there is no glory without humility. You know nothing about amazing grace and unfailing love from God if you think everything you have you deserve it. You are not more human than anyone else just because of your skin colors. Sleeping every single day at church doesn’t make you a better christian than the one sleeping in their own bed. Be humble

Recently I have been to my little brother’s school and I got lost, I tried to ask my way out to a security guard and the attitude I got from her was extremely disappointing. She was the one who had the pass to open the gate for visitors. She had the power to help me out but decided to use the power she had to waste my time. Have you ever experienced something similar? People abusing the little power they have to make themselves feel better?

In whatever you do be humble. What you have today someone else had it yesterday and someone else will have tomorrow. Being arrogant don’t do you any good. Be humble but don’t be shy. Be confident to speak up and ready to learn things you don’t know.

What do you think about humility?

Till next Sunday

Be Yourself

14 thoughts on “How important is humility?

  1. Humility is so important! My fiance is so incredibly intelligent, thoughtful, and ambitious, but he’s also incredibly humble. It has taught me SO much!

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    1. Yes humility help you learn fast and work hard even if no one is clapping for you. I am glad you have learnt a lot from your fiance. Humility will bring you far.
      Thanks for reading 😊


  2. Nice post. Humility for me is knowing I am no less than and no better than anyone else. All the credit goes to the creator. The good works are through him not me.

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