How you are killing your dreams

People often kill their dreams before even trying to work on them. We can make our dreams reality only if we are crazy enough to believe in their beauty and believe we can achieve them. But sadly a lot of people kill their dreams before even giving them a try.

How you’re killing your dreams

You’re a perfectionist

You are trying to fully understand the vision in your head, you want to have the perfect speech, content and clear vision of your future to start working on your dreams. Nobody is perfect, perfection does not exist. Your vision will get better with time, your work will better with time. All the mistakes you will make will help you adjust with reality and learn fast. It better to fail 9 times and succeed the 10th time than never try at all.

You talk too much

Telling everyone about your dreams and plan is not always a great idea. Everyone has a different opinion on what the perfect life is or the perfect business plan, they may not all be supportive. You can get confused and overwhelmed by all different opinions if you do not have a strong personality and the right mindset. You will be laughed at, discouraged and criticized. Action set apart dreamers and doers. Know your people before disclosing all about your life.

You are in conflict with yourself

You are trying to be the best version of yourself but you are scared of what people will think about the new you. You feel like you are not capable of doing that. You know what you want but you don’t believe in yourself enough.

Embrace the person you are becoming, go after what you want, change your mindset, put yourself out there and try again and again. It might not work the first, second or third time but keep on trying and adjusting yourself. Be bold, be you, dream big and prove yourself you can do it.

Are you killing your dreams?

Till next Sunday

Be yourself

16 thoughts on “How you are killing your dreams

  1. Ooooh YES, that first one on being a perfectionist. It’s something I’m working on atm – little at a time, day by day unlearning those perfectionist habits. This is a great post, loved it! ๐Ÿ™‚

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