How to smash your goals

We all have a purpose fulfill here on earth. Someone once said: the greatest ideas are often found at cemetery. Millions of people die without exploring and giving life to their ideas and dreams. They rather play it safe, fit in and live life according to what society believe should be true. You owe it to yourself to find your true purpose, mission in life and reach all your goals in life.

How to smash your goals

1. Upgrade your environment

Do a Spring cleaning, get rid of the things you don’t need and are taking too much space in your room, your house or apartment. If your goal require you to level up your lifestyle, do so. Buy new furniture or revamp the ones you already have, buy a more powerful laptop for your coding or buy that new camera for your YouTube channel. If you have to, change your profile picture, upgrade your bio as much as you will have to. Show the universe that you are ready and waiting for instructions on how to reach your goals. Be conditioned to receive and you will see things more clearly. Be clear on what you want and upgrade your environment.

2. Create a vision board

Our minds think in images. Feeding your mind with image is powerful because it manifest exactly the kind of things you want. Cut out pictures of places you want to go, experience you want to have, famous people you want to meet one day and stick all that somewhere you will be able to see them. This does not mean copy and paste already existing vision boards, create a unique one specially customized by yourself. Be clear and precise on what you want, make plans and work toward specific achievable little goals one step at the time. However, remember that even if it takes longer than expected to reach a certain point, it is okay to change plan and take a break (see related article Give me a break.) but don’t change the main goal. Be clear on what you want and create a vision board.

3. Move into the right circle

This will never get old: surrender yourself with the right people. You can’t expect to smash your goal and live life on your terms if you are still hanging out with pessimists, hypocrites, people who like to complain, people who are not open minded and the people who think that life is so unfair. Those people are nothing but trouble. Start moving into the right circle but first, know your people (see related article Who are your People? ).

Who are the people who will let you be, who will support you and invest in you? Know them. Moreover, network, network, network. Find like minded people, the ones who speak and see greatness everywhere, the ones able to help you reach your goals and are in similar journey as you, ind people who can make things happen for you and can mentor you. Be clear on what you want and move into the right circle.

4. Act as if

Have you ever heard about: “fake it until you make it” ? Act as if you already have what you have been asking for all those years. When you are clear about what you want, you will act accordingly and be ready to jump into the opportunities when they present themselves. For example if your goal is to pitch your business to a particular investor, imagine bumping into him or her right now are you ready? Put yourself in situations where you meet those important people who can offer you a one way ticket to your dream life.

Live, eat, dream and breathe your vision. People may think you are crazy or think that you are too much but when smash your goals you will be a great example to follow for many. Be clear on what you want and act as if you are living your best life.

You are a unique creature and the world needs what you have to offer. Be clear on what you want and smash all your goals. If you liked this post, comment, like and share with your people

What are your tips on how to smash your goals?

Till next Sunday

Be Yourself

32 thoughts on “How to smash your goals

  1. “Millions of people die without exploring and giving life to their ideas and dreams.”——- I really love this line of yours. I think it’s the perfect way to describe a lot of people who either fear rejection or simply are just contented or for many other reasons why they don’t chase their dreams.

    Beautifully written 😊

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  2. Yes !!! I agree 100% with these amazing tips . Now, I will add that: it is key to choose productivity and intentional living over status quo, to be grateful for the opportunities coming our way having a positive mindset , to be specific in our goal setting( with S.M.A.R.T goals), to create a reward system because at the end of the day : We make it happen and self-motivation and self-discipline are key .

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  3. I so needed this post today. Great tips for moving forward and not giving in. I have not tried a vision board, I need to learn more about this. Thank you for this perfect advice, loved reading your post.

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