7 Amazing friends you should have in life

We need some forms of human interaction to live a happy and long life. I have talked a lot about how important it is to know your people (see related article Who are your People? ). It is important to remember that, sometimes some people in your circle are not in your corner and don’t see you as you see them. You cannot make it alone to the top, you need some form of support system to keep you alive and help you reach the top.

7 amazing friends to have in your corner

1. The polar opposite friend

It is natural to be friend with people who sees the world like you do, like minded people who share the same views and opinions as you. It is more likely that you will create your own little world and criticize people who hold different views. However, it is important to step out from your comfort zone and meet a polar opposite friend. Your new friend will open your eyes to different world views and help you see what you don’t see.

2. The mentor friend

“Never look down to a person unless you are helping them up”. A mentor friend genuinely want to help you reach your full potential. It is a friend who may be a little older than you, who is few steps or more ahead of you in life and can guide you into the right direction. This kind of friend inspires you to be great and to fight for what you want while giving you advice, tips and tools to reach your goals. Those mentors friends do not necessarily have to do the same thing as you as long as you want to be more like them in life and they challenge you to be better everyday, befriend them.

3. The brutally honest friend

This friend will never lie to you and will not let you lie to yourself. It is the kind of friend who will be open and give a honest opinion about whatever you tell me. This friend will tell you harsh truth and won’t mind about hurting your feelings. They are brutally honest in a constructive way. However, don’t confuse them with jealous friends whose criticism are not constructive.

4. The adventurous friend

Their enthusiasm is contagious, they are always up for fun adventures. they will push you to get off your routine, unleash your inner child and take risks. Those friends will introduce you to new ideas and activities. Have an adventurous friend by your side.

5. The loyal best friend

The level of privacy in this friendship is on another level. This friend sometimes knows you more than you know yourself. Your darkest and deepest secrets are no mystery to this friend. Whatever you talk about you know it will only remain between the two of you. This friend knows you in and out and still loves you unconditionally. This friend can help you see your worth and remind you how great you are and will believe in yourself more than you do. This kind of friendship is rare and if you have a loyal best friend you are among the few. Show them how much you appreciate them

6. The energizer, crazy and fun friend

This kind of friend jokes about everything and always make you feel good. Whenever you need to unwind you can count on them, they always have a great idea. those friends are great reminder that all difficult time are temporary. No need to cry for three days for something that won’t matter in five years. You may not share your secrets with them but you know they don’t want to know your sad stories anyway. they are full of energy and know how to have fun. When you are around them you they won’t allow you to spoil their mood they will do their best to make you happy and live the present moment.

7. The coworker friend

This friend can be someone you work with, a business partner, a fellow blogger, a classmate, a business owner offering the same products or services as you. You don’t be to be best friend but since you spend most of your work at work, college or attending the same conferences, you need a friend to chat with , a friend who can keep you updated in case you miss a day at work, college or an important seminar. Moreover, you will find it easier to talk about some subjects since you are sharing the same struggles.

We all need those kind of friends in our corner. Remember don’t expect one person to be all those friends.

Which type of friend are you? Which one do you need?

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23 thoughts on “7 Amazing friends you should have in life

  1. I think I’m lucky enough to say that I have all of these types of friends covered although some of them take on more than just one the one friend type! Made me feel lucky to have these people in my life whilst reading your post. My best friend probably fulfills 5 out of 7 of the roles! She’s the best best friend anyone could have. Thank god she’s mine!!! Great post.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love your piece on the different kinds of friends to have. Personally I think I have a great combination of each. I believe I myself try to adapt to every single one of them so that I don’t feel distant from them or left out of their lives💖

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s wonderful you have a strong circle of friends around you and you are a good friend. This has become really rare in today’s world
      Thanks for reading Chisala🙂


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