How to use social media to become a more positive person

Information has become easy to find with everything interconnected it is easy to forget even why you open a particular platform at the first place, scrolling down to endless information from a cat wearing shoes for the first time to how millions of children are ding of hunger somewhere in the world. More and more people are being social media bullies and spreading negativity just because it is fun and attract a lot of likes. However a lot of people in real life are unhappy, depressed and some even commit suicide just because of the comment they receive on social media. Here I have found few ways to use social media platforms in a positive way.

How to use your social media platforms in a more positive way

1. Know who to follow and why

It is important to know who to follow and why you follow them. This is the first step into keeping your social media platform as a source of positivism. For example follow the page which spread positive thoughts you can relate to and always push you to be a better person everyday. Those kind of pages help you grow and you will be part of a community which is all about being positive and improve your daily life. In addition to that, follow the people you know your family, your close friends and people that inspire you.

2. Have a private account

If you are more reserved and a private person, have a private account. You will have the complete power of who can follow you and who can see your contents. There is no shame to have a private account it doesn’t mean you have something to hide or you are not confident it is just protecting your privacy. Just because you went to the same primary school doesn’t mean you must follow each other and become friend ion social media. If you don’t personally know the person why do you want to follow each other?

3. Declutter your social media following

Don’t wait for Spring to do a Spring cleaning. Unfollow, report, mute, block people as much as you will need to. It is your account and you can do whatever you want. If following certain people make you sad, depressed, push you to make bad decision like becoming an online bully, or become someone you don’t recognize do a spring cleaning of your social media. Don’t let the pressure of social media turn you into someone you don’t recognize. Make sure people you follow push you to be better than yourself and live a happy life.

4. Take time out

Don’t be like people who have 1,000 friends on social media but have zero friends in the city they live in. Take some time off social media to interact with people around you. When you feel overwhelm by everything happening online it is okay to take a break and have real human interaction. Even deleting your account and starting over is still an option and it gives you a complete fresh start.

5. Be yourself

It is also your responsibility to be a positive person online. Be the change you want to see in the world. Spread positivism, leave meaningful comments on your friends and family posts, like the posts you want to like, don’t participate into negative thread. Don’t help bullies bully. It is your responsibility to know that once something is posted online it is really hard to take it down. Think about everything you are posting online and remember that you also have followers give them a positive thought to think about.

What are your tips to stay positive online? Let’s hear them

Till next Sunday

Be Yourself

12 thoughts on “How to use social media to become a more positive person

  1. These are wonderful tips, I think we all need to figure out how to use social media so it is a positive influence in our life instead of a stress factor. I take time outs ALL the time, I feel like it is a much-needed thing for “unplugging” a little bit. Thank you for sharing these tips.

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  2. I really liked your advice. I started realizing a while back that not only are quite a few of our friends and family negative in their thinking, but also that many of them don’t share similar interests. When I didn’t like the negative posts many of them share, I started snoozing them, but I also searched for some friends who seem to share similar interests and friended many more of them. Now, I get many more positive messages daily and have started creating partnerships with many of them related to what we have in common. Thanks for reminding me how intentional you need to be so that you stay positive and uplifted.

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    1. Yes this is amazing. You have shift from the negative side and found positive posts to read daily and create partnerships. Thanks for sharing your experience 🙂


  3. i love that you brought up just giving yourself space from social media, sometimes it feels like we forget that’s even an option. and some people are more negative online…muting them or unfollowing/unfriendling totally works.

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