Ladies Day Off: Review

Ladies Day Off started as an idea to be around my girlfriends and have a great time but as the same time I wanted us to get something fun from the experience. Thus the idea of having a Ladies Day off with make up theme. Women have the power to create life. They are moms, best friends, drivers, nurses, wives, prayer warriors, private chef, tutor, cleaners and many more at the same time. Women have the power to multiply a single thing into thousand more. They don’t have super power or use magic. They are Women and that is their super power.

In a World where women are rising and making the most important decision to take the world forward, what more can we do than to take a day off and to laugh and relax. Ladies Day Off is a woman’s day by women for women. A day where like-minded gather together to unwind and simply be themselves. This event offers a peaceful atmosphere away from the stressful and busy everyday life. Likely for me I had the best partners to make this event a complete success.

The amazing Oré Events Planning helped set up the decor, find the perfect spot and offered their photography services for free. I am grateful for their dedication and the results I got. Voiturage South Africa once again helped with all the behind the scene planning of the events and travel arrangements.

The first Ladies Day Off theme was Make Up and it happened at Walter Sisulu Botanical Garden in Johannesburg South Africa. Taking a day off to learn tips and tricks for the perfect make up look from talented makeup artists. Our guest were Rubertha, Eliane and the beauty blogger Sheena. Those amazing ladies will forever be in my heart. I could not do it without their help. Moreover, Ladies Day Off was a great opportunity to meet new people and build new friendships.

Women deserve their day off to recharge, reconnect and be at the top of their game. Ladies Day Off showed me how much I inspire people around me as I have receive a lot of texts, letters and phone calls of encouragements and people are already asking for the next Ladies Day Off. Check out Selflovies_society to see more pictures and videos of the event.

Remember that: ” When women don’t compete but complete each others amazing things happen.”

What theme can I do next for Ladies Day Off?

Till next Sunday

Be Yourself

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