There is no better time to be a woman in business than now

Women have long been put aside in many domains: they had to fight for the right to vote, fight for equal paycheck, fight to get in higher position in the corporate world and to occupy higher posts in government. Woman have come a long way. Today we can only agree that there is no better time to be a woman in business than now. Today there are so many opportunities for women to start, have a successful business and shine in their own spaces. Thousand of organisations in the world have put their focus exclusively on helping women grow and better themselves. Some organisations have gone even further by employing women only and having in their portfolio women only suppliers.

Since I have started blogging a couple of years ago, I have realized how fast and easy it is for a woman to have a successful business, don’t get me wrong here. I mean, women are focused, determined and go-getters, they know exactly what they want for their businesses and stop before nothing. I mean women take care of their businesses as if they are real children,most of them talk about their businesses as if they are talking about real babies. I have realized in South Africa is that there are a lot of single mothers who have gone through a lot in life and have to provide for their children by themselves and they have no choice than to hustle hard.

the other thing I have realized in South Africa if you are a woman in business and you are not doing well, you have yourself to blame. There are countless of seminars, workshops, mentorship programs and events paid or sometimes free of charge that cater for women and women only. At those events successful business women from different fields offer advice and tips on how to get your business up and running, giving deep insights from their experiences and their journey to the top. There is no better time to be a woman in business than now.

A couple of weeks ago I went to the Future Female event in Johannesburg themed: ” Girls just wanna have funds.” At the event, national banks were present to explain step by step what to do to get funds for your business, experienced business women were present as well to give insights on how to use your funds wisely to grow your business and take it to the next level and staying as much as you can out of debts. Attending this event made me want to write about how great it is to be a woman right now.

Women don’t doubt yourself, start your blog, write that book, take those courses, give that idea a chance to be a successful business, there are thousands of other women out there who are ready to support you and help you reach your full potential. Women are not competing out there, they are fixing each others crowns. There is no better time to be a women than now.

What do you love more about being a woman in this particular time?

Till next Sunday

Be Yourself

12 thoughts on “There is no better time to be a woman in business than now

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    J’ai trouvé cet article très intéressant : impulser le courage aux femmes qui veulent se lancer dans le domaine de l’entrepreunariat est essentiel; c’est souvent un parcours du combattant même pour un homme et cela demande beaucoup de courage et de persévérance…un soutien (qu’il soit moral ou financier) est un excellent levier pour les aider à poursuivre leur but et à ne pas abandonner !

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