How school has failed me

School did not think that it was important to teach me how to be myself. How to embrace my uniqueness. How to stand out from the crowd. How to find my purpose in life. School taught me what was on the program for children of my age, for the degree which was available. School taught me how to answer an exam paper exactly how we did it in class during revision. By the way, I am excellent at remembering what they asked me to study then forget everything after the exam. Do you remember what you have studied for an exam after it done?

Those illustrations below show how the system works perfectly, we are not all able to climb a tree or swim or run fast or perfectly be good at English or math. Some of us are early birds which means we are fully awake and study hard in the morning and others are nights owls which means they are more productive at night and can give their best at a specif time. School tries to make all of us look alike, however as an adult who has understood that, it is your responsibility to create the life you want now.

Image result for school system is wrong

Image result for school system is wrong

School forgot to teach how to change the history of the world. The people changing the history of the world are the one society called crazy and fool but today they are heroes and game changers. They stand out from the crowd by questioning the educational system. Self education is the key to self actualization. The educational system only teaches you exactly what they wanted you to know. Education goes beyond just studying a particular subject at school, go out find books that you want to read, pick up new hobbies, unleash your creativity and never stop learning because you have completed your degree. It is important to understand that as much as your body needs food and exercise to stay healthy, your brain needs to consume knowledge to stay active, expand and have deeper views of ideas.

Well I have realized that it is my responsibility to educate myself. Don’t drop out of school today by the way, well I am just saying.

What are your views on the educational system?

Till next Sunday

Be yourself.

43 thoughts on “How school has failed me

  1. The school system is not all the way right. But, it is not also all the way wrong. Some people like to be taught because they don’t have the courage to teach themselves for them; the school system is a great opportunity to learn. But, for others who are capable of teaching themselves the school system is helpful to them until they
    can reach a point where they can teach themselves.

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    1. I get your point. To know if you are able to do something by your own you have to try. If you never try you will never know!! Let give people opportunities to learn by themselves.

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      1. Yes, that is a good idea ! I think it is possible to improve the school system so that the students can have more opportunities to try and learn in a way that is comfortable for them.

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  2. Thank you for this post! this is why I can’t be in school anymore. It’s so miserable! Not everyone is happy in school (especially when it doesn’t let you express yourself much)!

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  3. I’m enjoying reading your posts every weeks. You often brings interesting theme.
    I will say that there are steps in life that are important to follow one by one. School teach us what is really important for us as we are growing up . It’s gives us the basis of what we need at early ages. We need school , for us to be intellectual, cultivated , responsible, reasonable , be able to know what is good for us so that we can be ourselves. School Does not teach us to be ourselves, instead It’s give us the major key to be ourselves. Without school, so many people wouldn’t have been who they are today.

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  4. School does have some good points; it must be balanced with self-accountability. This starts at home by teaching our children how to think and not always what to think! Question everything!

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  5. My answer might be a bit biased because my two parents are maths teachers and I am in college (English major in France because I’m frnech and sorry for the English mistakes btw )while having my blog on self-development but I think we need a bit of both because , education is still the basis and then self-actualization is the cherry on top to me as we need to know the box to get out of it ! Not only does it bring a certain stickiness but curiosity as well !So I am convinced that we can do both !

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  6. For me, teaching for a moment, I share this opinion in the sense that the programs (even in the classes where we learn the basics) are very bulky but not specific enough … because we are not all destined to be doctors, teachers or literary people. Many are creative and are not pushed to put forward their creativity: there is little room for “spontaneity” … 😘

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    1. I totally agree on that one and the worst to me is creativity shaming and i’ve had that : where kids are shamed to be different,curious,creative,intuitive,sensitive or spontaneous .However there’s hope as some countries like Canada put it forward not like France for instance where I’m from where conformity is still the rule .When are we going to open our eyes to the acceptance of personalities and gifts , consider the earth we live on and the health of its inhabitants as number one . NO ONE SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEIR UNIQUENESS ! Yet we let syllabus ,grades and programs dictate our thinking patterns as a community .We are then afraid to be inadequate or standing out ,even though it means to be in our truth and that’s not okay.I think kids shouldn’t feel afraid to participate, be curious,develop their critical thinking and be wrong !My hope is that our blogging community creates a wave of support and empowerment for all creatives feeling less than and doubting their potential or their worth as a result! My hope is now that with skill share , Youtube , blogs and all these platforms; creativity and self-education becomes valued and accessible too !Besides this is the root of the whole debate about going to college or not but things are evolving as we open up those debates !So thanks Divine and Yola for these conversations <3!

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      1. This is true no one should be ashamed of their uniqueness. We ar all called to shine in our own ways. I hope it will be different for the future generations and they can understand that being unique is the coolest thing ever. Thanks for reading Mary💕

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  7. I think its clear we all need to learn, but I think we all learn in such varied ways it is hard to teach a class of 30 children without one or 10 being left behind or bored because it doesn’t challenge them.

    Life skills are so important and I really feel strongly that they should be taught from an early age, right through a child’s education x

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