Secrets Movie: Let’s talk about it

I was invited to a movie premiere called Secrets, I was all excited and started to make up scenarios of what could the movie be about. After watching the 15 minutes short film I asked myself why did I come just for 15 minutes? The movie was about three different people from different social class and the way they manage their money. Then I have started replaying the movie in my head over and over again and I thought OH MY GOSH THAT WAS THE SECRET. I started to ask myself what is my relationship with money? what is my spending behavior? So let’s talk about it MONEY MATTERS.

What do you think about money?

When it comes to money, people are divided into two groups: the ones that thinks money is bad, evil and doesn’t matter. Those people think money is a taboo subject almost like talking about sex: we don’t go into much details the rare times we talk about it, we don’t want people to know what’s going on, we don’t share our money problems with the neighbors, our children or worse our spouses people rather deal with money issues their own ways until they reach rock bottom and now start crying out loud for help. It is rare to hear people clearly say they love money.

The second group of people think money is good, helpful, money should be your servant not the other way around and money matters. My best friend always tell me Divine you love money and I always get defensive and tried to justify myself about the choice I make when it comes to money but then this Secrets Movie made me think wait money is not that bad, yes I love money it helps me pay bills, my school fees, buy foods, pay Ubers when I need to go somewhere. Money has always been handy and I am grateful every time I get some. The earlier you are financially literate, the better your money management skills. Now it is important to know

What is your relationship with money? Why do you spend it or save it?

There are people who spend money to be seen, to feel more valuable, to hide from their real problems. The psychologist present at the Secrets Movie premiere Dr Tshepiso Matentjie said if this is the case about why you spend your money you need to deal with deeper issues, changing your spending behavior won’t help unless you deal with the causes that led to that spending behavior. She also mentioned: “Relationships are broken often because the two parties have different values attached to money.This blew my mind away and now that we are talking about money, why not talk about the values each of us attached to money with our friends, family members, parents, children, husband, wife so that they know how to treat us.

Nedbank Secrets Movie campaign was a brilliant short film which will make you think about your relationship with money you can watch it HERE . Money cannot be blamed for your problems as Dr Matentjie said in her video

It is time to take responsibility and talk about it, MONEY MATTERS. Take the money quiz

What do you think about money?what is your relationship with it? why do you spend the way you do? Let’s talk about it

Till next Sunday

Be Yourself

8 thoughts on “Secrets Movie: Let’s talk about it

  1. Interesting subject “, i like it 🙌🏼
    There is so much I would like to discuss. I don’t even know when to start.
    Well, in few words, my relationship with money is kind of ” professional ”
    In other words, I try not to let it become the center of my happiness by using like it should be used

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  2. Great conversation starter! I believe money is here to afford us what we want. There is always enough money to do what I want to do, so there’s no fear in spending or giving it to others who need it at the time.

    Also, that drink looks really good!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This means a lot to me as well. I am glad you could relate to the post💜. Indeed we have to have a serious talk with ourselves first about money.
      Thank you so much for reading Grace and keep on being yourself always💕


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