What is inner peace to you?

Peace. That word everyone use, sometimes for no reason to express their feelings. What is peace? Not having problems with people around you? Being able to do things without regret? Being happy?

Well, deep inside you are the only one who truly know what is peace to you. Try to go deeper and look for Inner Peace. ” Try to be mentally and spiritually at peace with enough knowledge and understanding to keep you strong in the time of adversity.” Many fail to reach this kind of peace because of the lack of self-discipline. Are you going to be added on the number?

If peace means cancelling commitment you have made, do it.

If peace means staying away from ephemeral pleasure, do it.

If peace means breaking the silence and express your feelings, do it.

If peace means cutting of some people and taking care of yourself more, do it.

If peace means being independent and being financially secure, let no one stop you.

If peace means faking who you are to please everyone around you, WAIT DON’T DO IT, you will be lying to yourself.

If peace means letting go, let go.

What does inner peace mean to you?

Till next Sunday

Be yourself

34 thoughts on “What is inner peace to you?

  1. This came from your ‘About Page’ their is no provision for comments so I decided to comment here instead. I liked this “I believe that I do not need to fit in or have only one passion”: True talk Divine.


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