What do you love about yourself?

More often we are quick to notice what is not working in our lives, what we don’t like about ourselves and spend most of the time thinking about what we could have done better or making plans to work on what we don’t like about ourselves.

In South Africa August is the month dedicated to women, almost every single day during this month there was a event happening around the country to celebrate women. I have attended two incredible events in Johannesburg which I believe changed my perception of myself. The common thing about those events was women only event obviously but besides that, their main theme was based around ” what do you love about yourself?”

The first event was hosted by Women Of the World and the question they keep on asking at the event was: “What makes you a phenomenal woman?” The second event I attended was hosted by Womentum and the bold statement at this event was: “She owns her success and don’t apologize for your success”

It took me time to seat down and reflect on those questions. I am quick to notice what I don’t like about myself, quickly work on it and find a solution to be better than I was yesterday. Attending those events and hearing amazing ladies share their experiences and what make them phenomenal and how they own their success, made me realize that I have the right to write 10 pages about what I love about myself, I can be proud of the things I have accomplished and talk about my success openly without feeling like I am offending anyone.

After that, I have decided to write more about what I love about myself, stick it on my vision board to remind me that I am a pretty smart gorgeous lady who can get whatever she want whenever she want it. (Try this out too). Remember: ” What you say and think you attract”. Listen to what and how you speak to yourself.

What do yo love about yourself? What are you proud of? Leave a comment below and let’s celebrate your wins.

Till next Sunday

Be Yourself

20 thoughts on “What do you love about yourself?

  1. Powerful topic to share here. Thank you. I believe we are each phenomenal just because we live. Not because of what we have done or achieved but more for who we are as a person We are already miracles just because we live and are able to take another breath of life. That’s where phenomenal starts and all the rest of what we do are extras 🙂

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  2. What I love about myself is the fact that I don’t take life too seriously- no time to be thinking about what or why that person did this or that, that situation, etc…

    I just take the positive in every story and move ahead.

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    1. This is something everyone should learn. Not taking life too seriously it’s a journey to enjoy not a punishment. Stay positive andbe you always.
      Thanks for reading Israella 💕


  3. Merci Divine d’avoir partagé ceci. En fait je viens de réaliser que je m’attarde souvent sur ce qui ne marche pas chez moi (ce que je n’aime pas) et jamais sur ce que j’aime. Ceci constitue pour moi un nouveau sujet de rédaction pour les vacances et de réflexion sur moi-même. Sinon je vais partager ce post avec les amis car ça vaut la peine de connaître ce que nous aimons chez nous et de nous aimer nous-mêmes. Merci encore

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    1. C’est vrai Gracia et tu n’es pas la seule, beaucoup de gens se retrouvent a se focaliser sur ce qu’ils n’aiment pas chez eux et oublient d’apprecier ce qu’ils sont. Merci de partager ca avec tes amis 💜


  4. This is awesome! I actually did an experiment the other day asking those closest to me what they thought I was good at and their responses surprised me! Some things I never would have said I was good at but thinking about it, I can see that I am. One of the things most people said was i was a good teacher/trainer.

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    1. I am happy you have people you trust around you and who can tell you the truth. That’s a great thing to do as well. Sometimes when we can’t see what we love about ourselves it’s a great idea to ask the people close to us see what we can’t see.
      Thanks for reading 😊


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