Women’s day in Little Paris: Review

Last month was all about celebrate phenomenal women around South Africa. On the 9th of August 2019, the official day for national women day in South Africa I hosted the second Ladies Day Off event in Hartbeespoort dam.

The Frenchtoast Koffie Kafee is a cafe with a feel of Paris with the mini Eiffel Tour and a lock bridge was the perfect place to have a ladies only day off.

I was amazed by the response I got from ladies interested by this event. Initially, I put my target to 30 ladies only however, I was flabbergasted ( I know it is a big word but it explained exactly my feeling) by the amount of ladies who showed up. 60 people in total, 3 different buses and one from another city.

I could not have done it without the amazing team behind me. Voiturage_sa for handling all the transportation logistics and find us the best and comfortable buses. That was one thing to worry about on that day.

I could no be divide myself into two to be in two cities (Johannesburg and Pretoria) at the same time to make sure everything was going smoothly and exactly the way I wanted, so I had the most amazing help from the beautiful Arantxa who handled an entire bus by her own and she nailed it.

Overall this was one of my best day, I out did myself, I was proud of what I had accomplished and the team who helped my accomplished it. Ladies Day Off Women’s day in Little Paris could have not happened without the participation of each and every lady who believed in me and came through to spend the day with me. You can find more pictures on IG selflovies_society

What can we do for our next Ladies Day off?

Till next time

Thank you for Being Yourself

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