How bad do you want it?

Some people try, fail and give up while others try, fail, find another way to do that and succeed. It all comes to one simple question: how bad do you want it? The key is determination. Success doesn’t come cheap, mixing discipline, hard work and determination will give you what you want and even more.

But first thing first: how bad do you want it? If you really want it, I am inviting you to keep reading and find out more on how to unleash the power of determination. If you are waiting for it to come to you please read first No One owes you anything make up your mind then come back to this.

The power of determination

1. Start by having a goal

I recently read an article by Chika Onyeani who said people should stop believing the world owes them something, no matter how traumatic your past might have been because what happen in the past had to happen for you to be who you are now. Don’t let your past hunt you and influence in a negative way the decisions you are making today. What it is that you want to achieve? Set a goal that reflect who you are and what you want to achieve to fulfill your life. You and only you know excatly what you want to achieve and remember the WHY YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE THAT PARTICULAR GOAL.

2. Be committed to make it a reality

You are the one who set that specific goal, nobody forced you, you have made a promise to yourself. Be committed to it, you are doing it for you, no one will be disappointed if you abandon your commitment but you will be. Be committed for you and imagine working hard, day and night, reaching your goal living your best life, thanking yourself for having your back and clapping for yourself for making your dream a reality. How beautiful is that?The only question is HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT?

3. Don’t lose focus

Keep your eyes on your goal, dream about it, feed it, breathe it, take care of it and let it be part of you. keep your eyes on the reward don’t get distracted, I am not saying lock up yourself until you reach your goal, I am not saying skip birthdays, anniversaries, night out with friends, weddings or braais (barbecue parties), even if the reality is you will miss some of those events to get things done. Stay focus and manage your time wisely.

Those three ingredients for determination can be applied to any area of your life.

If you are planning a holiday: set a goal + be committed + stay focused.

If you are working on your new business: set a goal + be committed +stay focused

If you have a assignment, exam or article to write due: set a goal + be committed + stay focused

Determination= How bad do you want it? In the article I read, Chika Onyeani advice that people should develop the killer instinct, if you really want it, go get it and if it doesn’t work, find a better way to get it.

What are your view on the power of determination?

Till next time

Be Yourself

5 thoughts on “How bad do you want it?

  1. Well said! I have been making goals for a while now that will help me reach some large goals, and it truly does make a difference. It’s true that if you give up, that only you will be disappointed. Failure isn’t the end, it merely means that we need to take a different route to reach that goal.

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