Sandy Land Getaway 2019: Review

It has happened again on the 28 of September 2019. Our road trip to Sun City which we call Sandy Land Getaway. Last year was our first trip to Sun City and we had so much fun with everyone that joined us, you can find the last year review here Sandy Land getaway 2018 . We promised ourselves we will do it again this year and it was beyond amazing.

The Sandy Land Getaway 2019 was huge, we had 99 people in total among them 13 kids. We had 2 huge buses (one for families with kids and one for youngsters) to fit everyone and as always everyone brought their good mood and their smiles which made the road trip easier and funnier. More pictures and videos on Selflovies_society IG page

Voiturage South Africa my favorite platform to organize my getaways and bring all the selflovies society together, took away the stress of transport logistics and ticketing.

All the time I saved I made original breakfast treats for all the amazing 99 people with special attention for the kids. PS: parents loved the fact that their kids did not receive any promotional flyer of any kind and they had removable face stickers to keep them busy during the four hours road trip. It was fun seeing them covered with happy emojis faces on their little faces.

We had a huge demand but we could not take everyone on that day so we decided to go back there in December on Saturday the 7th, seats are very limited so make sure you book your seats HERE NOW

Till next time

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